Effective Ways to Ensure You’re Prioritizing Construction Safety

Construction work accounts for 7.5 million jobs in the US today, but due to the nature of the work, that makes the industry one of the most dangerous.

On average, two construction workers die from work-related injuries each day in the US, and the top causes are due to being struck by an object, falls, electrocution, and getting caught between objects, also known as the “Fatal Four.”

That statistic is pretty unnerving but it is the reality of the industry, and it’s the sole reason why it’s so important to make construction safety the primary focus of your construction company. And this applies to wherever you may be. Whether you’re in pursuit of obtaining your Mississippi contractor’s license or if you’re continuing education for renewal, safety should be the focus of every project, no matter how big or small the project may be.

Your work environment may not be an agile work environment but fortunately, there are many ways you can protect your crew and improve health and safety for your workplace.

Ways to Ensure Your Work Environment and Crew Members are Safe

Make Sure All Workers are Wearing the Appropriate Protective Gear

Ensuring your workers are wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) could mean the difference between a minor injury or a major one; It could also mean the difference between life and death.

Everything from hardhats and safety goggles to hi-visibility jackets and ear protection, you should supply your workers with the necessary PPE to ensure they’re able to complete projects safely and protected. If these items become worn, you need to replace them immediately.

Implement Continuous Health and Safety Training

Health and safety training isn’t a one and done type of thing; it is a continued effort. For any project, no matter the size, there will always be risks involved, but for medium to high-risk projects, especially ones involving working at height, your workers need to be fully aware of all risks involved and how to work safely in those environments. That includes any life-saving techniques as well.

Inspect Tools and Equipment Regularly

Your workers will rely heavily on their tools and the necessary equipment to get jobs completed. If the tools and equipment they need are broken or unsafe, that leaves a much higher risk for injuries and accidents like losing limbs. That reason alone is why it’s so important to properly and regularly inspect tools and equipment to ensure no malfunctions or defects.

Effectively Communicate

Your construction crew should be able to effectively communicate with each other not only for work efficiency but to also alert each other of any potential risks. They need to be fully aware of existing risks and hazards but also be able to spot potential ones and alert team members of such.

Ask your team members for feedback on the safety of their work environment and what could be done to make them feel safer. The job in itself is obviously full of risks but may be connected hardhats would be a safety measure to invest in or updated walkie-talkies would help… The point is that you and your construction crew should all be on the same page to alert each other of any new dangers and to simply keep everyone in the loop about the progress of the project to prevent any injuries or delays.

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