WHAT’S OUR APPROACH? We are “constructively disruptive” by design. We break the mold of the “status quo” publishing bureaucracy for the greater good of our authors and our audience, asking “what if” and “why not” at every intersection … We unlock creativity by upending bureaucratic barriers. We cast aside industry norms in favor of better, faster, and cheaper. We thrive by listening to and learning from our authors and our audience, reacting with a natural sense of urgency and unparalleled access. We are constructively disruptive, embracing versus resisting unconventional approaches. We dare to change the game every step of the way. It’s about positively changing the publishing world, not making a fast buck. We choose revolutionary versus incremental change. We play our game, not theirs, and with our rules, not theirs. We break the mold and reassemble it. And then we break it again and again. Relationships happen here.

OUR EDITORIAL POLICY (PLAIN LANGUAGE SUMMARY) We share good stuff. Stuff that’s timeless. Stuff that may have been shared somewhere else first, but who cares – if it’s really good stuff? Maybe it’s a poem. Maybe it’s a story. Maybe it’s fact. Maybe it’s fiction. Maybe it’s just 50 words or maybe it’s 2,000 words. By way of example, allow us to walk down memory lane for a moment with this magnificent story attributed to Ernest Hemingway;

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn." is the entirety of what has been described as a six-word story, making it an extreme example of what is called flash fiction or sudden fiction. The general concept of trying to tell a story with the absolute minimum of words became known by the general term of flash fiction. The six-word limit, in particular, has spawned the concept of Six-Word Memoirs,[7] including a collection published in book form in 2008 by Smith Magazine, and two sequels published in 2009.

Maybe it’s about life. Maybe it’s about culture. Maybe it’s about business. Maybe it’s just something you were inspired to scribble on the back of a napkin this morning. To us, it’s all good stuff worth sharing again and again. So when in doubt, just send it over.

SO WHAT CAN YOU SEND US? We’re back to those two words again – “good stuff.” So long as you wrote it. So long as you own it and if it’s already been published somewhere else, so long as it’s OK that we republish it. So long as our readers can react if they wish (some folks call it “actionable” writing). So long as you are willing to let us do our very best (edit, style, format, pick an awesome feature image, etc.) to make you look your very best. So long as you are willing to let us publish, republish, and syndicate pretty much year-round (see our @BC360° Page for more about where we share it). And so long as it’s timeless – we don’t publish breaking news or anything that needs a date – we call it “evergreen” which means it’ll be relevant reading for our audience today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and beyond.

HOW OFTEN DO I HAVE TO WRITE? That’s entirely up to you. Really – we’d love to get lots and lots of “good stuff” from you, but we know that sometimes that darn “writer’s block” creeps up on you. Or sometimes you’re just too busy. So relax. We want you to write when you’re inspired to do so. Period. We’ll keep your seat on our Panel warm.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU PUBLISH? From what we’re told, it’s warp-speed compared to the rest. We’re all about first-in, first-out publishing 24/7, with original stuff always at the front of the pack.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU SYNDICATE? Glad you asked. This is where we turn our “evergreen” approach into an “encore” performance for your timeless writing, by sharing it again and again 24/7. So don’t be surprised if you see something you wrote months ago pop up on our social media channels – cuz we’re just doing our job as promised.

WHO DOES WHAT? Just send us your “good stuff” in Word or Google Doc format and we’ll do the heavy lifting. Or if it’s already been published somewhere else, just send us the link. No logging in on your end. No nothing. Just hit the send button and voilà – we do the rest. And before you know it, we’ll let you know that it’s been published.

NOT JUST ARTICLES? Of course not. We love videos. We love podcasts. Just give ’em a title and a few words to tell our audience what they’re about and we’re ready to rock n’ roll.

IMAGES? Nope. No need. Don’t send them. Far too many copyright trolls out there, so we’ve gathered up the very best images to match your message.

THOSE DARN TYPOS? We do our best to seek them out and correct them for you. But you can certainly help by taking advantage of a bunch of good tools out there. Just check out our SCRIBETOOLS Page.

PROMOTIONAL? Nope. Nada. No way. Don’t even think about it. Our audience won’t like it any more than you would if you were inundated with sales pitches. Essential informational links helfpful to our readers (e.g. Wikipedia references, etc.) OK. But NO promotional links. Period.

ANY CONTRACTS? Nope – Just a virtual handshake. And no payments, surprises, catches, gotchas, or “aha” moments either. We operate in good faith. Our writers deliver good stuff. And we deliver a global audience. We gather up comments from our (your) readers and send them over to you for engagement. We deliver. You engage. That’s the deal. Period.

WHAT DON’T WE LIKE? It’s all about common sense and respect. No profanity. No adult stuff. No illegal or way too controversial or “attack” stuff. We would love to publish everything sent our way but sometimes ..... So if it just doesn’t work for us, we’ll let you know.

ANY LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO? We’ve done our best to avoid all that legal disclaimer stuff, but our legal eagles are twisting our arms, so here goes: By submitting any User Content to our site, you grant us a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, sub-licensable, transferable, royalty-free license to use, modify, publicly perform, publicly display, reproduce, and distribute such User Content. You agree that you own the User Content submitted by you or otherwise have the right to grant the license set forth herein, and submission of User Content on or through our site does not violate the privacy rights, publicity rights, intellectual property, or any other rights of any person or entity. Phew. Lotsa big words but we managed to get ’em all out.