Ecommerce Success with Better Emails: Some Tips and Tricks

Email is an inseparable part of running an ecommerce site. We use emails to send notifications, keep customers interested with promotional offers, and complete other marketing tasks in an effective and efficient way. Emails are so important to ecommerce websites that many service providers now offer smarter and more capable email solutions to help online stores achieve their objectives.

You too can integrate emails with your ecommerce workflow and achieve greater success. There are different ways emails can be used to convert users into customers as well as engage existing ones, and the tips and tricks we are about to discuss in this article will help you optimize your use of email even further.

Use Personalized Emails

Gone are the days of sending one email to all customers or users. This may have been a good thing to do a few years ago, but the same approach will only get your emails ignored today. What you want to do instead is personalize the content of your emails to better suit the recipients.

This is an easy thing to do, especially when you consider the wealth of tools and resources you can now add to your email workflow. You can start with something extremely simple, such as adding the right greeting to the beginning of the email, and personalize it further from there.

It is also worth mentioning how even the content of your emails can be customized based on different parameters. When a customer drops a cart filled with T-shirts, for example, the email you send to that customer can be made about T-shirts and other complementary products.

Capture Attention

An email needs to be interesting enough for users to open it. This is where a good and impactful subject line combined with a strong email preheader can boost your email campaign’s effectiveness to a whole new level.

The email preheader is what recipients read after the subject line, so investing in a good preheader is a must. Setting a preheader to better represent the content of your email makes all the difference, plus you can capture the attention of recipients better when the preheader works well with the subject line of the email.

Make sure you provide context and add a sense of urgency to the email preheader. The latter is important for getting customers excited and engaged; this will put recipients in the right state of mind as they open your email and explore your offers further.

Use Compelling Visuals

Your emails need to look sharp, clean, and crisp for them to be effective. Remember that you are competing with hundreds of other emails in the recipient’s inbox, so you have to appear different. Designing an effective email is very much like designing a good website. You have to find that balance between beautiful visuals and performance.

The way you display information and how the content of the email flows from one part to the next is equally important. You want to start with a compelling ask or proposition, continue by adding relevant details, and end with a strong call to action for the recipients to follow.

Time Your Emails Correctly

Another element to think about is the timing of your emails. This too is a crucial thing to think about, especially since the right timing changes everything. When you have potential customers with dropped carts, for instance, timing the reminder email carefully can dictate whether those customers return to make their purchases.

In this case, two days is the right time to wait before sending an email to the potential customer. Sending an email too soon would seem like you are chasing their purchases too much. Sending the email too late, on the other hand, means you will reach potential customers that no longer have the emotional engagement about their shopping carts.

Timing matters in other micro-moments as well. With user registration or payment confirmation, the best time to send an email is immediately after the process. Newsletters, on the other hand, can benefit from reaching the recipients when they are relaxed, or at times when they are browsing through the web and their inbox.

Show Credibility

The last tip to keep in mind – and the one tip that often gets neglected – relates to how you need to show credibility with your emails. Practices like hiding the unsubscribe link or ending the email without a proper footer are no longer acceptable.

These are exactly the kind of elements that add credibility to the emails you send. You want recipients to be able to identify who you are by checking the footer of the email. Adding a clear Unsubscribe button and following through on the request is also something you want to do to boost credibility.

Use email smartly and you will have the ability to engage your ecommerce customers (and potential customers) in a more positive way. Those engagements lead to better conversion rates, which will ultimately contribute to the success of your ecommerce site.

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