Don’t Think Outside The Box

Think as if there is no box

Most people are stuck in the way things have or are being done and struggle to consider how things could be done. They are bound by parameters they create, but that doesn’t necessarily exist; excuses they tell themselves and others for why things should not change. Thus they are bound by the proverbial box.

While many organizations talk about change, innovation, and being a leader in their industry, for the most part, it is just that, talk.

This kind of thinking holds them back because it limits their potential. In business it prevents an organization from being competitive, to be nimble and change with an ever-evolving and competitive landscape. While many organizations talk about change, innovation, and being a leader in their industry, for the most part, it is just that, talk. When you look beneath the surface, real innovation is often stifled by the structure of the organization, and the inability or unwillingness of those in positions of authority and influence to promote and embrace the kind of creative thinking that will set them apart.

Many things lock people into a mindset preventing them from being creative in their approach to how work get’s done. Often times it is from fear of the unknown, failure, or the possibility that they will be unable to rise to the challenge of what change will bring. It may also be the inability to think beyond the boundaries of what they already know and understand. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is self-defeating because at its core is a false kind of self-preservation when in reality everyone is replaceable, and change will happen with or without them.

It is not enough to think “outside the box,” we must think as if there is no box. Leaders set the tone when it comes to innovation and bold thinking and must resist or overcome their tendency to go with the status quo to create an organization that is continuously evolving. To do this, they must challenge their way of thinking by asking themselves:

☑️ Why are we doing this?
☑️ Is it in the best interest of the organization?
☑️ Does it benefit the bottom line?
☑️ Is it a must or a nice to?
☑️ Does it make us more competitive?
☑️ Does it make us more effective?

If the answer is no, then whatever it is should be re-thought, then the question should be

☑️ If anything is possible what could we do?

To honestly think as if there was no box all considerations of ability, cost or practicality must be removed. Only then will creativity flourish and allow for the exploration of all possibilities.


Anthony T. Eaton
Anthony T. Eaton
ANTHONY is a seasoned, certified Human Resources professional with more than twenty years of experience working in a range of industries including non-profit, banking, utilities and government. In addition, he is an accomplished leader and author with a passion for personal and professional leadership and development. Believing that every person has the opportunity and potential to lead, his focus is on helping others be the best leaders they can no matter who they are or position they hold. In 2013 Anthony took his leadership message online with a blog. Initially posting an inspirational quote of the day he then began doing interviews with a wide range of individuals from diverse background about their personal journey, leadership experiences, and thoughts. In 2015 he created a website and added feature articles, a second interview series WOMEN ON LEADERSHIP along with a book review. In 2016 he published his first book LEADERSHIP CONVERSATIONS, a series of interviews on leadership and more. Anthony’s purpose is to inspire and motivate others by initiating conversations about what it means to be a leader in the broadest sense of the word.

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