Don’t Hide Your Value – Your People Need You

Value is in the eye of the beholder. Your buyer is the only one qualified to judge the value of your solution. What you, the seller, think takes second seat. Unfortunately, you cannot just ask someone what they value. People hold back critical information to protect themselves from being “taken” by a potentially unscrupulous salesperson.

Here are some questions that help uncover what someone really values when it comes to purchasing a solution to their problem. Modify these to fit the product, service, or idea that you sell:

  1. What occurred that you are looking for a solution now? This question helps uncover whatever happened that brought an urgency to look ‘now’.
  2. How have you solved this issue in the past? This uncovers whether they had a solution and it stopped working, have a partial solution and need the whole, or it’s a problem that’s never been fixed.
  3. What has been the cost of not fixing this problem? The cost of inaction can be both financial and emotional, with both near and far-reaching consequences. The greater the cost, the more likely they are to buy.
  4. What has kept you from moving forward before this? This uncovers hidden reluctance to take action which you can address to help them overcome fear of the unknown.
  5. What do you want to see happen next? This question allows the person to articulate the change they seek. It encourages envisioning what life will be like when the solution is in place.

Here is why this is so good for you:

  • You build trust because people express what’s really important to them and they feel understood.
  • You demonstrate your expertise by uncovering the real issues. People see how much you know by what you ask, not by what you tell them.
  • Your consistently kind treatment of people demonstrates your willingness to serve others which makes them feel valued.

Not just for sales

I invite you to integrate these questions into any conversation where you are helping someone get clarity on a problem. Don’t be surprised when they credit you for helping them find the answers they need.


Deb Brown Maher
Deb Brown Maher
Deb is the owner of Deb Brown Sales ( where she lives her passion to help small business owners succeed through improved sales performance. She has over thirty years of experience in all levels of sales leadership, training, and coaching. Her clients boast that she successfully moves them from “stuck” to “productive” by empowering them to change the way they approach sales. She’s leveraged her sales experience to help companies of every size, from start-ups to multinationals. Deb is committed to helping people sell from a position of integrity. Her methods are detailed in her book, Sell Like Jesus: 7 Characteristics of Christ for Ethical Sales which was honored as a finalist in two categories at the “American Book Fest 2020 Book Awards.” A cum laude graduate of Allegheny College, Meadville PA, Deb is a voracious reader who values life-long learning. She especially enjoys learning about sales psychology, sociology, how the brain works, quantum physics, and effective communication strategies. She diligently incorporates what she learns into her ever-evolving training and coaching approach to help people communicate more effectively in any circumstance. Beyond the books she reads, Deb is quick to say that she learns the most from the people she meets, engaging strangers and friends alike in conversations that always leave her enriched. Deb is a devout Christ-follower who enjoys worshiping the Lord with a paint-brush and canvas, painting what the Holy Spirit reveals to her during Christian gatherings ( She is also volunteers doing inner healing prayer and deliverance ministry where she helps people learn to hear the voice of God and develop a deeper relationship with Him.

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  1. Hi Leah. As you’ve experienced, it isn’t enough to create and make something available. Here are a couple tips for you: Active “getting the word out” is also needed. It is a solid strategy to speak to people in your target audience so they can experience you and your material. There are various ways, in person and through video, that this can be done.
    It is also necessary to clearly communicate the path to purchase. Make sure you have an entry-level offer that is at a price point to attract the right audience. Have a mid-tier offer they can progress into, and a high-end offer for those who want to go all in.
    If you’d like me to keep in touch with you with bi-monthly sales tips, please sign up via my website here:

  2. Hi Deb, I really struggle with this idea, firstly because I don’t have sales calls. What I seem to have are passive consumers of my material. Q. As a provider of a service or product, does showing up, giving quality and speaking from the heart help to create trust and increase perceived value in the potential buyer, so that when they are ready or needy know where they will turn to? Or do we need more targeted sales pitching?