Don’t Get Sucked In & Distracted & Forget Who You Really Are


I will never forget the fall of 2000 when I saw Las Vegas for the first time.  We were going to see our first show ever and chose to go early to see “The Strip.”  I have never seen anything like it!

We got on the main drive and started from the opposite end of where our show was to be.  We wanted to see it all.  It was brilliantly lit, almost blinding.  If you have been there, you know what I mean.  If you have not, Instagram does not even come close to the intensity of the experience.  You truly have to be there!

As we made our way through traffic, it was slow and tedious.  Curiosity slowing was turbo charged.  There was so much for everyone to see.  We eagerly pointed out the attractions, lights, fountains, signs, and more.  It was a feast for the eyes to see so much.  It can easily be described as ostentatious!

However, as we slowed to a snail’s pace and really tried to capture it all, we lost track of time and almost completely forgot why we were there.  It was so hypnotizing we almost forgot we had tickets to see a show.  Fortunately, something jolted our awareness, and we quickly took a side street to get to the show—barely on time!

I have been thinking about this experience lately after hearing this quote by Donald Hallstrom, “We live in a world that can cause us to forget who we really are.”

Like my experience on the Las Vegas Strip, life offers many things to distract us and pull us away from what we are really about.  You can find examples almost every day of people who forgot who they were and did something to disrupt and even ruin their lives.

In this world of instant, all-access media, with the ability to tune into every kind of entertainment and news available, we can so easily get lost.  Even more, as we try to keep up with the pace of it all, we can get sucked in and lose track of more than just time.

I don’t believe anyone has ever decided ahead of time to ruin their marriage, destroy their career, sacrifice their children, or to commit a crime.  Yet, we live in this world that can cause us to completely forget who we are.  It happens every day!

So, what can be done?


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Jim R. Jacobs
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