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At its highest level, mentorship is about being “good people” and having the right “good people” around us — individuals committed to helping others become fuller versions of who they are. Which is why the organizations and leaders we’ve come to admire most are the ones devoted to bringing others along. That said, the best mentors recognize that in its most noble and powerful form, leadership is a duty and service toward others and that the best way to inspire commitment is to be fully and selflessly committed to the best interests of those who need guidance. They help them find their calling. Most of us have experienced people, such as friends, religious leaders, and family members, who serve as our anchors and guides outside our workplaces. Following this path, our quest is to now leverage the extraordinary talent resident within the ranks of our esteemed Authors to supplement personal resources with complimentary professional resources. No gimmicks. No strings attached. Just a group of selfless professionals gathered together to “give back” by paying their collective experience forward. A remarkable endeavor, indeed. And one we’re proud to be associated with.
It is with pleasure that we announce the launch of our new @BIZMENTORING 360° Channel. We invite you to not only visit this new Channel but  to promote this new Channel amongst your friends and colleagues whom may be in need of guidance, as your individual opportunity to “pay it forward.” And of course, don’t hesitate to capture your own level of guidance as the need arises – from our extraordinary collection of authentic MasterMinds.



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Larry Tyler

Any success that I have had in my life I owe to several great mentors. They were guides along the journey of life. Mine were there at the beginning and some even now. It is always great to have someone that has a little wisdom to share.

Ken Vincent
Ken Vincent

Often times a person in need of some “mentoring” is uncomfortable seeking it inside the organization for fear of looking weak or incompetent. Sometimes even guarded with a company hired coach. In such cases, an outside mentor can often provide much-needed help and a fresh perspective.

On the other side of the coin, I have found that the weakest leaders are those that fail to mentor those under them. I always found that I was more promotable if I had a report that could step into my job.

Sandy Chernoff

Great leaders open doors of opportunity for their team members by recognizing their strengths and helping them to become the best they can be. Leaders who do not do this lose out on the potential of their people. We all have had mentors who encouraged and supported us along the way and we certainly remember and appreciate their guidance.
thanks for sharing this article.

Chris Pehura

Excellent idea. People make us successful. People that mentor us make us even more successful.