Do You React – Or Reflect?

Do you react, or do you reflect in your life? What do I mean by that?

When obstacles or challenges come to you, are you the type of person that reacts to them instantaneously? Such as, if you get bad news, do you react in a way that brings you down? When you have a negative occurrence occur to you, do you react in a way that makes you feel bad, makes you feel lower?  Just feeling like you’re incapable of doing it?

Or do you reflect?

Do you reflect upon your previous success?  Did you reflect upon the lessons learned from a previous or similar failure?  That you have the mindset developed previously that you’re the type of person that can overcome any challenge or obstacle that you have in your life?

So learn to be a person that can reflect more and look at the positive in every situation, as opposed to the person that reacts to a negative situation and goes forward with that negative mindset. Be the person that reflects not reacts.

Until next time, take care and be well.

Dr. Terence Young
Dr. Terence Young is the CEO of Young Phoenix Enterprises LLC, an elite level physician, entrepreneur, and 3-time best-selling author. Dr. Young has led others to achieve the goals they desire as a coach with companies such as Klemmer and Associates and Human Communication Institute. He is also recognized for his leadership within his group of over 120 practitioners as Physician of the Year and has been seen in multiple media, including the Huffington Post. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Dr. Young overcame the odds to achieve success as a physician. Growing up shy hindered his ability to reach out for support. Having his own guidance counselor blow off his desire to be a doctor strengthened his resolve. Because of these and many other challenges growing up in his neighborhood, he realized the importance of surrounding himself with like-minded people who had a vision for success. Determined to achieve his vision and not let anything hold him back, Dr. Young leads by example to show that success is possible despite any fears or challenges in life. As an Obstetrician and Gynecologist for over 23 years, drawing from his optimal communication skills, he has helped tens of thousands of patients to overcome their fears and challenges both medically and in life. Utilizing his ability to think rapidly and take action, he has helped clients to achieve their desired goals and outcomes, minimizing time and maximizing results. He coaches and supports clients, personally and professionally, to achieve the results that they desire in life and business.


  1. Thank you Dr. Terence for bringing a smile to my whole being with your thoughts on reflecting.

    As we reflect on what another is saying, we mirror back to them their value and inner value. We also mutually receive the hormonal release of hormones from the mirror neurons in our interacting brains. Love and Peace!

  2. I always reflect then react when asked a question or looking for solutions , I react and then reflect when I am attacked and reaction is needed immediately then reflect on how I could have prevented it. If you think about life is a balance of both.



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