Do You Have Tunnel Vision?

Do you have tunnel vision in some areas of your life? Default Patterns of narrow thinking limit your enjoyment of the whole.

You are successful! You have several decades of professional experience and a steady stream of income, yet….. you ponder.

Patterns are embedded during the formative pre-cognitive years in your growth. These memories are stored in cellular and muscular memory as neurochemical responses to your family and cultural environment. The patterns provide a tunnel through which to navigate and emerge into adulthood. They are integral in shaping your unconscious responses in daily life. These patterns frequently appear in your self-talk.

Yes, you can become aware and allow remembering through your physical responses in various situations. Perhaps the “feel” or the ”sense” of embedded patterns will allow new insight. Many patterns are established in the first 7 years of your life.

Some examples:

  • You’ve learned not to show your emotions. The power of these buried emotions remain in your subconscious and physical body when left unrecognized and released.
  • As a child, you hear the admonition – “Be a good girl/boy!”  On a deep level, this implies a requirement for being loved – leaving you feeling that you aren’t loved for who you truly are but who you present to be.
  • Having truly significant success, you feel an emptiness or a bottomless need for more. What lies within you that is yet to be discovered and actualized?
  • Physical symptoms that bring dis-ease: The trick knee, the sensitive gut, the headaches. What is held in that dis-ease that has not been brought to your conscious mind for recognition and release?
  • You are considering a shift in your business and looking for inner clarity for a new direction or expansion.
  • You think of retiring and you search for what is next that will engage you and bring even deeper significance to the next phase of your life.

It can be fascinating, and yes,  life altering, to step into reflection, contemplation, and self-discovery that allows remembering and re-calibrating our natural responses.

An Important TIP:

Pause before Acting – Pivot away from automatic responses — Own your emotions/behavior/patterns to befriend your life.


Kathleen Hendrickson
Kathleen Hendrickson
Harmonious Power is the ability of high achievers to experience extraordinary results in business and personal lives with profound joy and deep fulfillment. Kathleen guides successful executives to unlock subconscious patterns and beliefs to find deeper expression, passion, and life purpose. Her mission: To provide a confidential and individualized program that allows you to maintain your current life style while stepping into higher levels of integration of your DNA encoded true Self and embody your highest potential as you travel along your Path to Harmonious Power. In the course of her varied and successful career, a driving force is to experience self-actualization or individuation and guide others in their own self-directed exploration and pathway to a deeper, richer, and more fulfilling life. Your life work and purpose are encoded in your DNA at the time of your birth. Kathleen’s gift is her capacity to listen to you intuitively and perceive your yet unrealized true self. As your Guide, she listens and holds the space for your self-exploration and insight - allowing you to open to your highest, innate potential. She is an entrepreneur and successful businesswoman. She invites you to explore how you can steer the course of your business and personal life in the most natural direction that is entirely of your choice. You hold the answer within; she listens and sees you in your highest expression.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Kathleen – thought-provoking for sure. I’ve done much reframing over the past few years by taking that deep dive into myself and examining many aspects of who I am. It’s tough to identify the weeds sometimes because some of them may look like flowers, but we all need to re-examine and refresh. Even my reframing requires reframing. But I’m a constant learner and a work in progress, so it comes with the territory.

  2. I love the question you ask, the exploration you invite as self-discovery can be a most powerful journey throughout our lives, Kathleen. I completed a meditation this morning guided by Deepak Chopra in which he offers that we feel most successful when we experience our inner value-knowing deeply we are valuable just for being here and human. Many of us did not get that particular message from birth forward. How important to notice reactions versus responses, our emotional terrain, behavior patterns that are healthy. I continue to enjoy awakening to pure consciousness of my being as the source of all the rest-the inner witness, the silent one watching the movie that is me, other people, and life itself.
    Thank you so much for this invitation to self-discovery because we can create new patterns, a whole fresh life filled with gratitude and love (as one example!).

    • Thank you, Laura. I love what you say about observing the inner movie. I find that I continually fine-tune my awareness of subtle refinement – each time coming back to presence and the magic that arises.