Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Idea You Haven’t Acted On?

Debbie Entreprenurial Spirit[su_dropcap style=”flat”]S[/su_dropcap]O MANY PEOPLE dream of starting their own businesses. Why do so few act on it?
A few things stop people from turning their ideas into a successful enterprise.

Belief in job security – Think of everyone you know…family friends, neighbors, etc. How many of them are employees and how many are working as an entrepreneur? Most people believe the only way to work is for an employer, and by doing so, they will have “job security”. Back in the industrial age, job security was promoted through a weekly paycheck, benefits, 2 wks vacation time, etc. Society was conditioned to believe they needed companies to provide work for them to gain this “security” and peace of mind. This has been instilled in our belief system for centuries now, through generations, education and society in general. As soon as children can walk and talk, we hear adults asking them what they want to be when they grow up. Very often they are prompted with suggestions such as policeman, fireman, nurse, etc. Children are conditioned to go to school, get a entrepreneur idea light bulbdegree and get a “good, secure” job. They are not taught to explore their interests, find a need and fill it, pursue their passions, by developing their own business. It is considered too risky with a high failure rate. Instead of continuing to buy into this fear based belief, recognize that YOU are the only one that can provide your own job security.

Conformity – is a big one. People generally don’t like to do anything outside of what is perceived to be “normal”. People like to “fit in” with those they are surrounded with. If “everyone” around them is working as an employee, most will believe this is the only way, the right way, the “safe” way to work. Instead, recognize the high % of people that are disengaged, unhappy, stressed out, bored, etc. because they have conformed and are living an unfilled life of mediocrity. Choose to step out of the box of conformity and follow your heart.

Fear of failure – No one wants to fail at anything in life. There is a fear instilled that most new businesses fail. Although this is true to some extent, it is not the business that fails. It is the individual behind the business that is attempting to run the business with the MINDSET of an employee. We are generally not taught to be solution oriented, to build resilience, to think out of the box and to find opportunity within challenge. We don’t fail….we give up. Change the perception you have of failure. Failure seems final, something we don’t have choice over. Instead be the person that will not give up and will be determined to find solutions to succeed. A very different mindset to come from.

Lack of belief – You don’t have to have all the answers to launch a business. If you take the time to study successful entrepreneurs, you will learn that many didn’t have a clue on how they were going to make their businesses work. However, a common trait, is to take the first step you know to take. You don’t have to have the whole puzzle figured out. Often the next step to take, is only evident and revealed to you once you take that first step. It leads you to the next logical step to take, and so on. You do not need all the answers in advance. Believe in yourself enough to take the first step, and you will learn and grow as you go, building your confidence, knowledge and learning about the huge potential you have within you.

Not taking action – No one can do it FOR you. Lack of action = lack of results, and leads to living a life of regrets.

We only get one run through this life. What are you waiting for? If you have the entrepreneurial dream inside of you, don’t let it die with you….live the life and the dreams you have within you.


Debbie Ruston
Debbie Ruston
ENTREPRENEUR, International Trainer, Visionary Leader – Debbie has been a successful entrepreneur, since 1986 and believes in taking an active stand for true human potential. As the owner of The Success Educator, Debbie has spent her career helping individuals discover their limitations and overcome them and assists people globally in starting their own businesses. She also has a personal passion for education reform and providing youth the knowledge required to succeed in today's changed world.

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  1. This is excellent, Debbie. I have been in every single one of your illustrations. My late uncle was a successful businessman. I told him I wanted to own my own business but I was afraid of failing. He said that when he started his businesses he didn’t allow himself to even have a thought that failure was an option. He and his wife worked the business together. She didn’t work at the business but she was his biggest fan and his greatest support person and partner.

    Let me just say that being married and having a partner who is totally against owning a business changes the dynamics. Even if you have no fear, you believe in what you’re doing, and aren’t worried about security – your partner has to be on board. I never got to the point of really owning the business I wanted – but my husband changed his tune about not wanting me to have my own business when his secure job of 25 years laid him off. I became the breadwinner and was employed, then self-employed, then back to employed . . . and we were just fine. We are now both retired and my goal is still to be productive and not stuck in retirement – guess where my husband is content to be? I am doing what I love though. And that is very satisfying.