Do What Makes You Happy


It’s not atypical for me to find a new project and throw myself into it full force. Whether it’s researching and trial-running the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe to reading through a book series to major overhaul on the closets, I like to vary what I do with any downtime I make for myself. During this strange time, I have found that my list of things to try, to do or to make have increased tenfold.  And I’m perfectly fine with my range of side-projects. Sand and paint a side table? Check. Tie-dye shirts and masks with the kids? Check. Figure out the best chocolate cake recipe? Done. Grow lavender. Yesssssss!

This has been so much fun for me. Two years ago I bought two different lavender plants, talked up the local greenhouse owner on how to care for them and read so much online and watched so many videos, I was smelling the fresh lavender before it even bloomed. And bloom it did this summer!


Mother Nature really came through this season with these two plants, as if she knew what sort of project I needed. Truthfully, there wasn’t too much to it in the end. Weeding near the base of the plants, watering, and making sure water was draining well and patience. Patience paid off and the beauty these plants gave me was priceless.


I was able to set aside time to grow these plants, harvest the stems and flowers to bundle and hang on our porch, encouraged my kids to help take the dried flowers off the stems and made lavender-filled sachets to give as gifts to friends and family.


Mother Nature wins.


Lisa Palumbi
Lisa Palumbihttps://qualcosadibello.wordpress.com/
LISA graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with a Bachelors in Psychology and worked in various non-profits in Fund Development and Event Planning for 10 years. Now a stay-at-home mom of 3 and a budding Family and Lifestyles Photographer. She is embracing her multitude of passions ranging from yoga and reading to crafting, baking and travel photography, while making strides to enjoy the now with her children.


  1. Taking care of ourselves rhymes with happiness. Every human action tends towards happiness, but, who knows why, taking care of ourselves is the most difficult act of happiness, postponed, hidden and unknown ever.
    What is the first step? Set boundaries. I have said this several times and I repeat: it is the most radical act to take care of ourselves. Because boundaries separate what you think and feel from what others think and feel. Borders mark the space of one’s identity, they help us to recognize ourselves and to understand what our needs are.
    We are often led to think that a hobby is a luxury for people who have a lot of free time. But it is a wrong thought. Having a hobby mainly means taking care of ourselves and dedicating ourselves to our well-being. Finding time to devote ourselves to our hobby means finding time to disconnect from the rest of the world, immerse yourself in an oasis of well-being and do something that gratifies us. It means experimenting, meeting new things, going different paths until you find your own. It means taking action and being active.

  2. “down time I make for myself”…… I like that Lisa. It is good for us to incorporate that into our lives……find the time, make the time to do those things that make us happy. Good reminder for me to pick up my guitar and serenade an audience one. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes! I changed my language years ago from “I don’t have the time” to “I can make the time” just helpful for me to realize that it really is up to me to prioritize my days. Thank you so much for the comment! You should pick up the guitar, my dad said that’s a memory he has of you in childhood!