Do We Need “Niches”?

Or can’t we chart our own way we in the way that we recruit for business and in general for the business?

Do recruiters, HR professionals, or any other business professionals need to have a “Niche” to recruit the best people in their industries? Or would be better to have those awesome people who know their industries and positions to lay credibility, selflessness, open-minded principles, and values to the candidates and applicants first. By bringing in those people who do their work well, those people are the ones who are going to be even more engaging, answer questions, add value and credibility to the candidates and applicants, and to your company.

Don’t get me wrong, having a niche is good in some cases. But to use that as a foundation to base your success on is not necessarily alone. To me adding value to people and Bringing Humanity Back into Business is my niche, passion, motivation, mission here LinkedIn and beyond. Why can’t it be that simple? Because I know that everyone is different and they themselves know what their niche is. But I will never use someone’s (niche) against them who doesn’t fit my niche in helping them or giving them business strategies to only benefit me or to help them in their professional careers and in life as well. I want it to benefit all, whatever your niche, passion, motivation, potential, mission is in business. Please know you will have a place in my business with a great team of people, entrepreneurs, professionals that have your best interests at heart.

My focus is on putting the needs of others first ahead of our own needs. Selfless leadership paradigms values is what I know now is the best way to move forward in the business world. If we can add value, credibility, selflessness, ethics, honesty, integrity to everyone at every level of every business. Then we might be on the cusp a fundamental change in business (and for the better too).

If you want to see success play out the right way, you must be willing to change the way you think, act, your thought process, implementation of your daily routines, the way you talk and interact with your employees every day in every way.

You must be willing and able to lead by example. Here is a quote that I go by that is ingrained in me to my very soul of who I am, “Leaders can’t lead if they can’t Follow, Followers can’t follow if they can’t Lead”.  Do you have a leader that sets the wrong example and tone at your business?

But the very most important quote that I go by is this one, “If I help you, You help Me, Then we help We “. That is so powerful and profound that to me that this what true selflessness and true leadership is all about.

I want to have an engaging conversation on the right way conducting business, recruiting practices, and in general the well being and future of business as a whole.

What is your take on “Niches” in business today?

And ask yourself if the old way of recruiting is the way we need to keep recruiting for companies and organizations moving forward or Bringing Humanity Into Business will do just that!


Chris Berryman
Chris Berryman
Chris Berryman, Passionate Coalition Builder, CEO/Founder of Bringing Humanity Together, is always eager to share first hand, the story that inspired his powerful vision to humanely transform today’s workplace for the better. During his 35 years of experience spanning many different industries, Chris has seen the best and the worst of treatment from the leadership of companies for which he has worked, and has also noticed the effect poor treatment had on others. His unique vision to help positively shift the workplace paradigm led to the creation of Bringing Humanity Together: Bringing Humanity Into Business & Beyond, a powerful grassroots movement now also a business created through talking to other professionals and sharing his passion on the LinkedIn platform. Bringing Humanity Together seeks to be the voice and solution provider for employees who suffer from unfulfilling and derogatory treatment at the hands of their employers and for employers who recognize that a healthy company culture is key to their success. Chris believes the way to be an effective change agent is by offering support, advice, and empowerment to businesses who seek to shift their company culture for the better and to provide the same assistance to employees who need help navigating their unique situations as part of today’s workforce. Chris’s gift of expressing his passion and ability to build a coalition of professionals who embody the ‘service to others first’ mantra of living, has allowed him to assemble a powerful LinkedIn community of socially conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders who are on this journey with him and willing to support him in this endeavor.

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