Do Things Happen for a Cause –or Are They Just the Result of An Action?

Once sitting and examining with my smart companions and getting into a conversation about ‘Reasons’ – I am sharing the essence of two unique sentiments with you. One said;

Nothing at any point occurs on purpose. Regardless of how great, come what may. Reasons are simply uplifting statements. also, that’s it. For a result to come true life must have been taken. By then, anything the explanation becomes unimportant and the outcome becomes the overwhelming focus.

Since the result doesn’t have an explanation, it needs activity. No chance to get around it, and it’s as simple as that. You can find importance in everything that occurs in your life and you can make an emotional justification behind your reality, however even if this is erratic; carrying on with a significant life doesn’t make any difference and any explanation you might find for something to happen doesn’t unbiasedly exist. Best to acknowledge everything in your life for what they are and that’s it, and continue on toward better things.”

My other friend replied,

Indeed. There are sure clear explanations behind all that is going on or that has occurred in or during one’s life. Nothing has occurred without an explanation and I would agree that nothing is made in the universe without an explanation. It is our failure to see the explanation for specific things which causes us to accept or imagine that it is futile or without reason.

For instance, to certain individual questions like these appear to be pointless, however, as far as you might be concerned, they have an explanation. All the way that we interface matters. (they are the reasons)

Some of the time we associate with things and we track down justifications for why that occurred in this way, different times the reasons are covered up, yet they are dependably there. On the off chance that you attempt to decipher the importance of the happenings in your existence without its fulfillment, it probably won’t give you anything exceptional and (lead you to no place). At the point when I express living here, it implies, the whole pattern of death birth, and resurrection.

We really do control a lot of things however our current activities are not generally the explanations behind their result. We can in any case make new impressions out of the opportunity given to us, however, we actually can’t disregard the consequences of activities made by us alone when we had the opportunity to make positive or negative ones even previously.

Not all things are made from outcomes of the past, we have some control of the present as well, yet that probably won’t yield direct outcomes to the present within reach generally. That to me; changes an excessive lot from one person to another, some just can be a casualty of their situation, and others might have the ability to remain against any wind in their life”

I for one have no set in stone, the assertions are just sharing of different sides of the pendulum.

However, I will let you know this, you could take out the solution to this question when you go on throughout everyday life. In the event that some experience stays as a secret (it couldn’t be sedated out why), then they could be the consequence of past activities or a demonstration done in an alternate way at some point back, not known to the current self.

Your benevolent contemplations?


Farooq Omar
Farooq Omar
Farooq is an expert in key arranging and execution and framework controls – Guiding and coordinating an endeavor through considerable change the board in corporate and business esteem chains, improving, upgrading the current and future Industrial, Corporate, and Business using solid and powerful key initiative. Breaking the Marketspace serious brand boundaries through 'Cycle Innovations-in hierarchical brand agreeableness and promoting key qualities – meeting or outperforming the changed partner's desires. This includes being a mastery of change, engaging in strategic board-level discussions (60%), setting and enforcing robust operational controls, designing and implementing the organization’s operational model proficiency in identifying and extracting efficiencies, deep industry, and market knowledge, finding a multicultural management approach. Breaking the Marketspace competitive brand barriers through ‘Process Innovations- in organizational brand acceptability and marketing strategic values – meeting or surpassing the varied stakeholder’s Financial, operational and economic health expectations.

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  1. My dear “soul-friend: .. here are my “benevolent contemplations”
    Two things stood out to me.
    You say ..
    “Best to acknowledge everything in your life for what they are and that’s it, and continue on toward better things.”
    Very often is in life we fail to see acknowledge or seek to understand events in our life. As a result, we may perpetuate pain or impede progress in our life journey.
    Lessons are presented but we fail to see or seek to understand what they might be or they are too painful to deal with.
    So much depends on the quality of our clay (our being)
    In truth, no one can think or act beyond their level of conscious (knowing)
    .. how deep is your well?
    .. how far does your “pendulum” swing?

    Everything in the universe has an “explanation” – but it is hidden from us.
    God being Infinite knows all. He is the Potter.
    We being finite – have limited understanding. We are the clay.

    This thought comes to mind:
    God does NOT cause all things.
    Yet .. “we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8

    This Scripture contains two caveats;
    .. “those who love God”
    .. “those who are called according to His purpose”

    God is a Wonderful Counselor .. we would all do better if we would seek Him for “better things”
    God is the Way-Maker .. the One who can straighten crooked paths
    “Trust in the LORD with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
    in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6
    The second thought that stood out to me ..
    “Not all things are made from outcomes of the past, we have some control of the present as well”

    Each day is new. We do have a measure of control to think & act & choose
    In reality: some things are beyond our control .. all we can do is pray .. trusting God for outcomes.
    Prayer is no small thing .. and it is within our power & control to do.
    I share the following excellent messages about prayer/if anyone is interested – in July David Jeremiah has presented a wonderful series on the Lord’s Prayer – contact me if you would like info)

    A Prayer for Wisdom (part 2)

    July 27, 2022
    A Prayer for Wisdom (part 2)

  2. Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room,Brother Farooq, (just routine) this seems a weighty question:
    Grand Purpose and Design or Simple Action and Reaction?


    Newton showed us action – reaction, but not why. We can allow for a deeper cause for the initial action, but we won’t know until the life is over and maybe not then if this is all there is and consciousness fades to black.

    I have difficulty imagining no purpose beyond this life, but this life is pretty amazing so if whatever energy my “I” represents scatters to the universe along with what I call my mind, I’m OK with that.

    If on the other hand, this life is a classroom or a test. I hope I learned and performed well.

    But even if it’s one and done, shouldn’t I do it well and not to benefit just me, but as many as I can