‘Do Not Dare, Not To Dare’ And Stride Toward Freedom

Who hasn’t fallen in love with the Chronicles of Narnia when they first read it? I loved it, and over the years, the famous quote by C.S. Lewis stuck with me and pretty much defined my life experiences.

Something magical happens when Aslan says, Do not dare, not to dare, and the words reverberate through your soul. There are so many things we want to do, you want to do, but we’re afraid, hesitant, shy… something unknown empowers us and tells us all the reasons we CAN’T do it.

I always wanted to travel; it was a dream and pretty much the ‘WHY’ for everything I do. I was working remotely long before I started my entrepreneurial journey with JuiceBox. But, despite having the freedom of working from my laptop from anywhere in the world, traveling solo hasn’t always come easy. I had a burning desire and itchy feet, but I had to be gutsy to embrace the challenge and step forward.

That’s when Aslan cheered me on…

H2: Do not dare, not to dare!

These words drive me, fuel my energy, and motivate me whenever I hit a roadblock. The first time I decided to pack my bags to travel, this quote was my mantra.

I love to travel and have visited around 13 countries in the past 5 years. I live to see the world; it’s such a liberating feeling to break your self-imposed walls because it doesn’t stop at one.

One after the other, you break free from the shackles of your limiting beliefs and achieve what you never thought you could. You have to Dare it to Believe It. And, here I am, all geared up for my next exciting journey, as soon as we’re able to travel again.

What I have learned is that you don’t need a lot of money or courage to travel or travel solo… you just need to take the plunge and stop doubting yourself!

H2: Break the Boundaries – Not Yourself

‘Do not dare, not to dare’ is my lifestyle. Whenever I find myself against a brick wall or a glass ceiling, I push it and break through! That’s how I’ve wired myself. That’s why I’m where I am today, and I keep chugging.

You have all that you need to follow your dream; you just need the courage. Let the Dorothy in you follow the yellow brick road, put one foot before the other, and I promise you, you can reach your Emerald Palace too.

Challenge yourself, dare to enter the world of the unknown, and let it go. Stretch your wings and expand your mind to conquer, first your fears, and then the world. All of us have demons inside us who keep us captive. But those demons are only as strong as we let them be. Capture them and free yourself by breaking the chain of captivity.

Be it your professional life, career or business, or personal life, no matter how hard the goal is or how difficult a path may seem, you can make it happen if you have the courage. Make realistic goals but don’t let your limiting beliefs scare you from reaching high.

Don’t let others define you; write your story yourself. Do the dare, TAKE ACTION, live, and learn!

Life is too short to waste time in procrastination over what can go wrong. Turn your ‘I wish’ into ‘I did it’ and let your authentic self take charge of your destiny.


Karli Jaenike
Karli Jaenike
Karli is a content marketer and founder of boutique agency JuiceBox and the content marketing accelerator course, Vitamin C. With over 10 years in the marketing industry, she’s worked with brands large and small across many industries to grow organic traffic and reach new audiences. She writes on everything from content marketing, social, and SEO to travel, and real estate. On the weekends, she loves to explore new places, enjoy the outdoors, and have a glass or two of vino!

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