Divine Living

–Could Reconnecting to Our Divinity Be the Answer We Have Been Waiting For?

Humans send men and women into space. We perform complicated, life-saving surgeries. We create computers small enough to travel through our bloodstream, and AI robots smart enough to build our cars and vacuum our floors. We have renowned universities that are expanding our knowledge of the world and the universe.

Our accomplishments are impressive, but we also have large numbers of people on our planet going hungry or working forty-plus hours a week and still can’t pay their bills or are jobless. We have an opioid crisis that is killing more people a day than our nastiest wars. We have an enormous human trafficking problem around the world that hardly gets the public’s attention. And then there’s climate change that is threatening our very existence. And, worst yet, in the 21st century, we still have wars.

We have tried a lot of things to resolve these pressing issues, but the systems in place are either too corrupt or too fear-based to break through the centuries-old paradigms based on inequality and lack.

There have been many accomplishments made around most of the world, but what I have observed is that for every positive step forward, we take two wavering steps back. As we have industrialized life around the globe and made time-consuming work the norm, humanity seems prone to become satisfied with the meager strides forward, even though we have demonstrated we can do anything, once we set our minds to it.

In comparison to most of the world, I have experienced a pretty charmed life on the surface. But deep inside, at the soul level, I have lived a microcosm of our macro world. There is a repeated pattern of responses I get when I question the direction we are heading:

  • Be happy with what you have. It could be worse.
  • Just be glad you have a job.
  • Your ideas are too out-of-the-box.
  • The world cannot handle sweeping change.
  • Buck up – it’s a dog-eat-dog world, and you better get used to it.

I’m not getting used to it! I have spent a long time observing, studying, and thinking about these severe issues we face. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school until the eighth grade. Their rules did not make sense to me, even though I connected to Jesus’ message about loving your neighbors.

What I see going on in our politics today doesn’t make sense to me either. Institutions don’t make sense to me. Nor do corporations. There is too much greed in our systems and too much fear in our citizens. There is too much consolidation of wealth, which would not be a problem if money was not the necessary means of survival for everyone. The polarization is baffling, considering the crises going on right in front of our eyes. I began to ask myself, “What has driven us into extreme opposition that makes the other side the enemy? What are we missing? Why is it, the smarter we get, the less safe the world becomes? Why do things feel like they are getting worse and not better?”

I am not sure how this happened, but I believe humans went off the rail when we lost our relationship with our divinity and our relationship with the earth. One of the problems I see is that we do not understand the full meaning of this word. It does not have to do with religion only. I believe religion is one expression, but the nature of who we are goes beyond our relationship to a creator being.

I believe divinity is the pure essence of creation woven into the fabric of the universe. It is in everything, so we are divinity. It isn’t just a concept. It is an energy and a precious resource that engineers what we create. It is what created us in the first place. It is the magical pixie dust in miracles, and it is always love-based.

The depth and power of divinity is an idea not meant to be understood by our limited brains.

But here’s the good news – we don’t have to understand or be able to explain it to use it. Operating from this perspective puts us in the driver’s seat and releases the fear of the unknown. The fear of the unknown limits our imagination to solve problems, and it also leads us to fear those who are different than us. This revolutionary out-of-the-box understanding is needed to change our world. Divine Living develops trust in the unseen and faith in our inherent greatness.

I drive a car and fly on airplanes, but I have no idea how to build them. I don’t need to understand this to use them. All I need to do is appreciate the divine ingenuity that is behind these creations that drive our evolution forward. When I connect with this divinity, I have no fear of driving or flying or what else is possible for humanity, and this is exciting to me.

I have not been a religious person for a while, but I do not fear someone who espouses their religious beliefs that may not work for me. I only need to appreciate the divine ingenuity that allows them to experience divinity in their way. Once I do this, I have no conflict in their beliefs or actions. I see our potential to grow together as we discuss our differences. They are part of our collective human journey, as I am.

I am not a politician, a corporation, or a country. I do not have a great understanding of what goes into their thoughts and actions, whether they be positive or negative. As I see them as a part of divinity, I release judgment and become the observer. It is from this place of observation that I connect to them and hold no fear about them. By understanding that we are sharing a journey, I can see a world where everyone realizes they create what they need by tapping into the divine unlimited potential embedded in the essence of everything. In this world, there is no lack of imagination, and there are no problems that can’t be solved.

The solutions to our most significant challenges are waiting for us to reconnect with divinity so that they can come forward. We can create energy out of thin air. We can clean up the oceans. We can dissolve pollution from our atmosphere. We can feed everyone. The potentials for these ideas are already here. We can stop human trafficking, opioid addictions, and war. What is missing is our connection to our divinity.

Divine Living needs to be part of every level of society. We need to develop divine relationships, divine schooling, divine medicine, and divine businesses. We need divine countries. But most importantly, we need to know that we have personal access to our divinity.

For most of my life, I have sensed this is who we are. When I was young and spoke about my beliefs, people told me that I was naïve. I doubted myself and went on to live an unconscious life like those around me. But the old ways are not working to change anything, and we need to change now before it is too late. I believe my soul is on to something. I feel a need to try again to shake our complacency.

Is this suggestion a little out-of-the-box for you? If we are going to change the status quo, we are going to have to accept a little discomfort in order to survive. I am ready, are you?


Helen Heinmiller
Helen Heinmiller
Helen Heinmiller is an inspirational author, teacher, and speaker bringing a 21st century perspective to all aspects of life. After fifteen years in corporate America and another twenty years studying personal and spiritual growth, Helen discovered a vital link between our connection to the divine and our ability to manifest good health, enriching relationships, and satisfaction in work and service. She believes that divinity is woven into every aspect of life to include all parts of society and business because, when embraced, our divine connection powers the inspiration that's needed to succeed. Helen is the author of two inspiring adventure novels, The Rustling of Angels and, her thriller, Final Redemption. Through the art of storytelling, Helen reveals real paradigm-shifting truths about who we are as humans and the inherent power we all share to change the negative direction of the world today. Her mission is to bring this message to people, businesses, and organizations to inspire and build new inspirational conversations and positive solutions for the world. Helen is a contributing author to the inspiring book Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy

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  1. I loved every word you expressed and which resonated with all that I believe in. I too was born and raised a Catholic, but have long been disturbed and repulsed by how so many of its preachers do not live the life of Christ’s teachings. I do believe that our disconnecting from Divinity in the wonderful way you describe this immense ‘word’ is the result of having made a Faustian pact with materialism, ego, and self-gratification at all costs. While we should celebrate our achievements, we also need to be humble about them as a human race. Our ingenuity is God-given but it does not make us equal to Him. I do sincerely hope that we will all wake up from our stupor to rever and dance with Creation. Thank you, Helen, for this truly profound piece.

    • Noemi, I understand your sadness about what we are witnessing in the Catholic church, but I feel the church will be restored in the future. I think your comment about being humble is essential to creating a new way of living in a restored and appreciated future world.

  2. I am totally with you Helen. Your words resonate and are in perfect alignment with the conclusions I have reached. This is what my work of awakening the sacred masculine is all about. The words divine and sacred are pretty interchangeable for me. Without the sacred all masculinity is incomplete. Yes, we have lost our connection with ‘source’, the divine and this is at the root of humanities current crises. But I believe it is slowly changing and there is a quiet revolution of consciousness taking place under the radar. We are coming home albeit a little slowly and this can be frustrating when we see and feel all the (needless) suffering. Sometimes being lost is an excellent place to get found! The metaphor of the prodigal son comes to mind. The journey IS the destination! I am experiencing the discomfort and yet I keep putting one foot in front of the other. Thank you for voicing truth so eloquently. I am sharing this article with my Face Book community. Be well and stay blessed…

    • Thanks Miguel and thank you for the work you are doing to restore the sacred masculine. It is desperately needed to move forward. I appreciate your sharing this blog. Blessings to you too!

  3. Helen, you obviously put a lot of thought into this article as it clearly shows. Your opinions/theories make a great deal of sense. As a religious person I believe nothing happens that is not G-d’s will. When it comes to flying I am fascinated by planes. However it would really take a hurclean effort to get me to fly. A New York City Subway Train suits me just fine. In all seriousness I want to conned you for writing a very interesting and thought provoking article.

  4. Thank you for your perspective, Helen, and welcome to BizCatalyst360! I find myself curious about our ability to create tech gadgets and all the things you’ve discussed yet we have not yet experienced deep peace in our souls-as a species. Some handful of individuals may have achieved this during the course of their lifetime. However, this state of grace, peace, inner compassion seems illusive for many people. I believe you are onto an important wisdom that relates to connecting to the consciousness that exists in every human being. We actually know the difference between the experience of being loving/being loved and being terrified/terrifying others. I believe many people know this in their bodies/hearts/minds/souls –they just haven’t practiced leaning into the love/grace/compassion place-which I glean from your article is the “divine.” Know that I’m with you. I am ready. And for me-living more and more in my “divine self” feels like home-comfortable/fulfilling/meaningful. Thanks, again, for your thought-provoking article!

    • Thank you Laura! Your comments regarding love/grace/compassion being divinity are spot on. I am glad to hear you are ready too. The change is coming. It just feels like baby steps at the moment.

    • Thanks Laura! Your comments about love/grace/compassion being divinity are spot on. I am happy to hear that you are ready too. Change is coming. It just feels like baby steps right now.