As I am walking through a very different season of life, one that I am supposed to act “all mature” in, I find myself having discussions with my younger self. Maybe it is a stress-relief exercise, I don’t know.

Nevertheless, these discussions seem to strengthen my coping abilities during the challenges of this season. I don’t know, maybe this is because the discussions remind me that I really have learned some valuable lessons along my life journey.

If you’d like to listen in for a moment, I’m going to discuss a few things with my younger self. I thought I’d write it today, rather than just thinking it through, maybe because I need the reinforcement of being able to listen to it again tonight. So, here goes:

Listen Up: Relax

Listen up, Miss Go-Getter: Relax. Yes, breathe peace in and exhale out all of the aggravations, delays, and disappointments!

Gain right perspective by asking yourself this question: “Is anyone bleeding or dying right now?” If not, repeat the breathing exercise previously described. Therein, you’ll find immeasurable moments of refreshing relaxation.

More frequent moments of relaxation will help you realize that life on this earth is brief, in the big scheme of all of Creation. Yes, I’m talking about YOUR life! It is like a vapor; like one big breath; like a flower fading fast; and like a grain of wheat blowing away in the windstorm.

If the years of your life were simply divided into seasons, there would really only be a few to count – when compared to the big scheme of all of Creation. Yes, in this bigger scheme, the many are really only a few!

And guess what? Within each season, your life experiences allow you to pass that exact way only one time. MmmHmmm, perspective matters.

Here’s the perspective of THIS matter of relaxing: For right now, you have everything you need and everything it takes within you to walk the exact road you are traveling. It might feel as though you fall woefully short of the challenges in many ways.

However, you will discover in the next seasons of your life that every detail of each situation and each relationship will have gems of truth (those facts and realities you are learning). These gems will serve great purpose in the next seasons of your life.

And another thing: the encounters you believe are successful will include some failures; while the efforts you decide are horrible failures will surely have some successes. You’ll see each of these truths more neutrally from the vantage point of the next seasons of your life.

Listen Up: Watch and Observe for Patterns

Listen Up Miss Solution Finder: Watch and observe. Yes, talk less and listen more even as you take a seat, watch, and observe the interactions of others and the dynamics of situations. For, truly there is nothing new under the sun.

What people do today, they have really always done for eons and eons of time. Actions and behaviors might dress and speak a little differently today, but at their roots not much has changed in the Root and Fruit Truths of life.

Gain right perspective by asking yourself this question: “Is this even about me, or is it really about what each person wants for their own will and way in the matter?” If it’s not about you, then find that comfy seat, grab your favorite beverage, and just hide and watch. You’ll learn a lot of valuable stuff about behavioral patterns!

And guess what? So much of life’s troubles and trials are not about you at all. Most often, it’s all about each person wanting his own way according to what he thinks is right for himself. MmmHmmm, perspective matters.

Here’s the perspective of THIS matter of observing: There is great wisdom to be learned by simply observing the patterns of your behavior, as well as the patterns of behavior with others as you walk through each season of life. This is because patterns of behavior hold great truth that leads to valuable wisdom.

The takeaway gem is that these truth-filled observations can be applied to understanding the “whys” of situations and relationships, both present and in the future. The truth within these observations can also be applied to your “Truth Bank” of information.

And another thing: collectively, this information will help you to make better decisions along your journey toward life success and fulfillment. They will also help you to avoid the most common pitfalls of impulsive decisions and rash behaviors.

Listen Up: Love is a Decision

Listen Up, Miss Over-Thinker: Love freely and with great joy. Yes, love is a decision, not a feeling. It’s that simple.

Just because you love doesn’t mean that you must marry, or accept an offer, or even ride the train together to the ends of the Earth.

Gain right perspective by asking yourself this question: “How can I simply help, teach, encourage or comfort someone today?” Guess what? That is love in action. That IS the decision to simply love. MmmHmmm, perspective matters.

Here’s the perspective of THIS matter of loving: Love is simply pouring out the best of you for the best interests of others. When you believe this truth, then you can step into that large and fulfilling place of connecting with the greatest purpose of your life.

And another thing: That place of great purpose connection is really allowing others to experience the one-of-a-kind love that is within you – and only you. Your unique love must be shared with others to release your own heart fulfillment and joy.

The takeaway gem is that your love is not shared to control another person; rather, it is shared to propel them into their own destiny fulfillment. Few discover this truth; even fewer implement it in their lives, and only a rare handful freely give it away!

Guess what? It is in the “giving it away part” that you will receive the amazing fruit of life’s joy, fulfillment, and success.

Learning to Relax, Watch, Observe, and Love

Hey, Younger Self: I forgot to mention these truths:

[message type=”custom” width=”100%” start_color=”#FFFFFF” end_color=”#FFFFFF” border=”#fb7200″ color=”# fb7200″]

❇️ Relaxing and breathing purposefully allows you to more clearly assess all kinds of life scenarios. With this clear-minded assessment, you will need to guard against becoming jaded. Try to let the “adulting things of life” go out with all of the exhaled stress. And, a child-like worldview is such a better view.

❇️ Watching and observing the interactions of people will bring lots of laughter, shock, and maybe a few tears. That’s okay because real life and quality of life are filled with variety. And, variety is truly the spice of life.

❇️ Deeply and freely giving away love will sometimes cause great pain – when you least expect it and from whom you least expect it! So, just begin expecting it, and it will sometimes hurt less, but not always. And just remember, there is often a fine line between passion and pain.[/message] [su_spacer]

In the ending of all of your life, would you like to say, “I guarded my heart well and avoided this, that, or the other?”

Or, would you like to say, “I poured it all out and somehow remained filled to overflowing – thus, I am satisfied?”

Somehow I believe that the eternal statement each of us longs to hear, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” resounds loudly for the poured out life of relaxing, watching, observing, and loving.

Copyright 2018 Devaney Rae, LLC

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Larry Tyler

Enjoyed your article I think I’ve had many conversations with my younger self

Devaney Jones
Devaney Jones

Thank you, Larry. Yes, indeed! :)