Digital Marketing Strategies Going Forward

Digital marketing is the most effective form of marketing to date. You can track clicks, calls, and impressions which makes it easy to calculate ROI. There are numerous digital channels to market your company on. In this article, we have listed some of the best modern channels and strategies to employ going forward.

  1. Mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing is one of the channels that has experienced the greatest growth in the last year and in 2019 is destined to expand further. According to statistics from Impact, 72% of the digital agencies’ investment in 2019 will be dedicated to mobile. Furthermore, it will be fundamental to further improve the user experience; taking into account that only 47% of users are satisfied with the experience with mobile advertisements. It should be emphasized that the average conversion rate is higher for web platforms that use video formats; the average percentage goes from 2.9 to almost 5%.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Nothing beats ranking in the first position of Google’s results. The bad news: Google keeps updating the rules of ranking websites. If you stick to the basics when it comes to search engine optimization then you will be in good shape. This means proper on page optimization such as title, tags, URLs, headers and a keyword density of around 1%. One important thing is to not overdo it. Keyword stuffing will not help you improve in the rankings. Google is looking to serve the best content at the top. Try to blend your on-page SEO with the content so it sounds natural but provides value to the reader. Also, you might want to take a look at this blog post on

9 SEO mistakes that harm your Google rankings. One important trend to note is the percentage of users who in the last year began to take advantage of voice searches.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing remains the best performer among the classic strategies for lead generation. In order for this tool to bring significant ROI, it is important to remember that: segmented DEM campaigns have a greater open rate than compared to non-targeted campaigns by about 15% according to The best time of day to send your personalized emails is between 16.00 and 20.00. E-commerce customers that abandon the goods in the cart are 2.4 times more likely to finalize the purchase if they receive more reminders.

  1. Content Marketing

Many companies invest up to 40% of their budget on this channel of digital marketing. Uber even hired Ariana Huffington to help with their content marketing. Furthermore, when compared to traditional marketing there is no doubt about where the choice should go. Content marketing has an excellent ROI, with costs lower than 62% and able to generate leads three times greater. HubSpot mentions 72% of industry experts consider content marketing the best performing SEO strategy. As many businesses are publishing more blogs everyday content marketing is getting more competitive. The average length of articles that appear on the first page of the SERP of Google is 1890 words.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Facebook is still the top channel however Instagram is growing and continues to have one of the best engagement rates of all social media platforms. For B2B marketers, LinkedIn is one of the best channels. An effective marketing strategy on social media uses high-quality images and photos paired with captions that match the brand persona and provide a call to action. Social Media Marketing is therefore no longer seen as an instrument aimed at immediate results but as an integral part of a targeted and effective content strategy.

  1. Marketing Automation

There are conflicting opinions when it comes to marketing automation. On one hand, those who use it as a tool can optimize times while maintaining high performance; on the other hand, those who do not use it up as a matter of budget mention its high costs upwards of $1,000 per month. In any case, employing marketing automation will be among the best performing digital strategies for 2019. Brands are in fact becoming increasingly aware of its potential and of the consistent economic return brought by this important digital strategy. Marketing automation can be set up by a professional digital marketing consultant to ensure all the right trigger, workflows and marketing automation are installed right the first time. A top marketing automation brand for mid-to large businesses is Marketo while smaller brands tend to lean with Hubspot.


When you employ the right digital marketing strategies on the right channels that work best for your industry, there is no doubt that your business will be able to compete with the big brands online.


Lorenzo Gutierrez
Lorenzo Gutierrez
Lorenzo Gutierrez MBA is a digital marketer from California. He works as a digital marketing consultant helping companies to grow their revenue online with cutting edge digital strategies. His industry experience comes from 2 years working in corporate and 6 years running an agency. Lorenzo has an MBA in Strategy and Management which he received in 2013 from Western Governors University. In regards to his certifications he holds two from Google; one in Google Ads Fundamentals and the other in Google Search Advertising. Lorenzo writes on a wide range of marketing topics for a number of publications. In his spare time, he gardens, hikes and unwinds with some good music. Connect with Lorenzo on any of his social media accounts.

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