Digital Marketing Hacks To Raise Customer Awareness

You can offer the best product or service in your business’s market, but it’s not going to yield sales unless your audience knows about it. This is where customer awareness comes into play. As a business owner, you must raise customer awareness so that your audience knows about your business and what it offers. Here are a few digital marketing hacks that will help your business raise customer awareness and increase its market presence.

Start a Blog

Blogs are no longer used strictly for sharing your personal thoughts or opinions. A blog is a powerful digital marketing asset that can help raise customer awareness for your business and what it offers. According to a study conducted by HubSpot, more than half of all U.S. businesses have acquired at least one customer from blogging. Using a blog, you can project your business as an authority by publishing informative, high-quality posts that are relevant to your audience. Furthermore, a blog is the perfect platform on which to announce new products or services.

Syndicate Content

Whether you publish content on your business’s blog, website or elsewhere, you should consider syndicating it. This involves publishing an existing piece of content, either in part or full, on other channels. Although it offers little or no value in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), content syndication will expose your business to a larger audience, which means more sales and higher customer awareness.

There are different ways to syndicate your business’s content, one of which is to contact related websites to see if they are interested in publishing the content. An easier way, however, is to submit your site’s RSS feed to publishing directories. If your site uses WordPress, it will typically have an RSS feed at, which you can submit to the directories listed here.

Use Video

Fifty-five percent of consumers watch at least one video online every day. In fact, many consumers use the internet almost exclusively for watching videos. To capitalize on this trend, publish and share videos on channels like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and Twitter. And once published, promote these videos by linking to them from your website or blog.

Reward Customers for Referrals

You can leverage the power of your business’s customers to raise awareness and build stronger brand visibility using a referral program. When a customer refers another customer to your business, reward him or her with some type of incentive. The cloud storage provider Dropbox is the perfect example of how to use a referral program correctly. It gives customers 500MB of additional storage space for every new customer they refer to the service. If a customer is out of storage space, he or she can simply refer friends or family members. Statistics show that Dropbox grew its user base by 3,900 percent within 15 months of launching its referral program.


When a customer buys a product, show him or her related products. This tactic, known as cross-selling, has become a cornerstone digital marketing hack used by online retailers to raise customer awareness. If your site sells car parts and a customer buys a radiator, for instance, he or she may also be interested in a compatible radiator cap. To better understand what your customers are interested in buying, use e-commerce analytics software. It will provide insight into how shoppers behave on your site, including the product pages they visit.

Raising customer awareness is just one step in running a successful business. You must also provide a high-quality product or service that’s better than your competitors. If you’re able to accomplish these goals, you’ll have a successful business model that’s able to withstand the hands of time.


Walter Bodell
Walter Bodell
WALTER is a former accountant and financial advisor. He now runs a MedSpa with his son, and consults startup companies. In his free time, Walter likes to golf, cheer on the Arizona Diamondbacks, and write for various business blogs.

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