Different Ways To Invest Your Money

Everyone wants to be rich, but most people don’t know enough about investing or are too unsure to begin. Parting with hard earned cash is nerve wracking. So it really does pay to know which avenues a potential investor has  available to them. Here are a few.

Ownership Investments

Essentially investments which you actually own and would expect to increase in value thus gained you a return on investment. The most popular here are stocks, a challenging investment which would need much swatting before you actually buy any. Ownership also includes items such as artwork and precious objects like gemstones. Another ownership and quite a popular one is in real estate. Buying a house which will increase in value by way of work done to it or fluctuations in the market and then sold on at a higher rate.

Venture Capitalism

There are many myths surrounding the venture capitalist, but in essence it is simply investing one’s money into a startup company that can usually be quite risky. The key to mitigating risk in all areas of investment is by only investing your residual income. Residual income is brilliantly explained here https://incomestore.com/what-is-residual-income/. Venture capitalists usually take a percentage in the business they’re investing in which allows them more control over the cash they’ve invested.



Bonds are one of many lending investments by where you lend your money at in interest. Bonds are where you essentially loan money to a corporation or the government which will be paid back over a set period of time. CDs are also lending investments, a certificate of deposit is similar to a bank’s saving account, however it’s a promise that you’ll leave your money in the bank for a certain amount of time without withdrawing it, by doing this the bank will offer you an increased rate. CD’s can be difficult to manage and come in many different forms.


You’ve likely heard these being heard of in the same breath as stocks, but they do differ. When you invest in a commodity you’re investing in something that could affect the economy such as oil. Specific contracts called futures contracts are used to buy these and they have to be filled out in a specific way registered with the national futures association, it is a way of preventing scam offerings.


Funds can be a great way to invest if you don’t know too much about the investment market or haven’t got the time to research potential investments. A fund is a pool of money managed by a professional who will invest it into stocks and shares. There’s a slight fee of course, but it takes away some of the risk in knowing it’s with someone who knows exactly what they are doing. There are different types of funds such as mutual funds, index funds or exchange-traded funds, each comes with pros and cons.

They key to good investment is in having a wide portfolio, don’t put all your money into a single area of investment. Here we can see various areas in which to invest. Don’t put in more than your residual and ensure you research each area properly before committing.

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