Different Thinking for Success

Success is a state of mind. Our accomplishments, tangible achievements, titles obtained, or talents developed are the result of our thoughts of the mind, our bridge of command. And if thoughts lead to actions, actions create habits, and habits are what determine our character and therefore possible destiny.

But is this the logic to accomplish great things? Should we first develop the ability to think differently? Not only. We also need to think big, communicate a lot, believe more, and finally, an important act is to act now and act consistently, to become a successful person!

It is important to remember, however, that thinking big is not the same as dreaming big. Everyone has big dreams – dreams are more than just hopes and wishes.

The ability to think big, however, requires a different mindset, mental discipline, and re-programming, and it actually means thinking differently than most people who survive in their life, rather than live it!

Different thinking involves actions, changes in vision, overcoming fear and doubts, believing in ourselves and in our dreams, developing the ability not to worry about what others say or think, without feeling Envy, and setting goals in a plan that it will result in important actions that reflect our way of thinking differently.

Perhaps one of the greatest examples of thinking differently, reprogramming our minds, developing thinking big, is demonstrated by the ability to get out of the typical employee mindset. This unhappy state of mind is not only detrimental to one’s potential but is so widely accepted that it has become a cultural state. It is evident in the actions and attitudes, such as: limiting oneself in one’s activities to keep the job, doing work that falls exclusively within one’s responsibilities or tasks, paying attention to schedules and needs alone, rather than thinking about company results or even to clients, thinking that working 40 years or more for a meager retirement is somehow a great desirable result, believing that the curriculum is enough to express their skills and potential.

This mindset is the main reason why so many people often fail to achieve their goals, dreams, and be successful in life. Those who continue with this mindset develop an addiction to a boss or company for their career advancement, daily survival, and personal and social approval, and thus fail to develop the qualities necessary to succeed in anything else, such as: think differently, develop self-confidence, desire success in believing in themselves and their dreams, take risks and overcome fears, learn from mistakes and turn them into experiences, be willing to diverge and do what it is necessary to achieve success.

Thinking differently by abandoning the typical employee mentality allows you to set high goals and work hard to achieve them, abandoning the tendency to perennial complaint!

Thinking differently, thinking big, is useful and necessary in any circumstance, situation, challenge, goal, or dream.

Of course, these principles are adaptable to any environment or goal as long as we have to apply them! Thinking of big business is useless if they don’t follow the facts. To be successful, not only a change in mentality is needed, but also a change in habits.

To think differently, you need to set high goals and specific plans to reach and realize your dreams. To develop the ability to think big one must first of all not be a victim of the dominant culture of satisfaction, and the ease of sufficiency. Always happy, never happy!

One must train the mind for happiness, never worry about what others think or say, eliminate fear and doubts, replacing them with courage and confidence. To continue, despite the failures that can inevitably be encountered and, therefore, concretely commit to achieving one’s goals and dreams. Because, to accomplish great things, one must always think differently, communicate, and act big!

The above is not meant to be a criticism for anyone. Each of us makes our own choices in relation to his idea of success. But he doesn’t have to feel “unlucky” or complain.

Success, as it is understood in the most common sense of the term, necessarily requires following certain principles.


Aldo Delli Paoli
Aldo Delli Paoli
Aldo is a lawyer and teacher of law & Economic Sciences, "lent" to the finance world. He has worked, in fact, 35 years long for a multinational company of financial service in the auto sector, where he held various roles, until that of CEO. In the corporate field, he has acquired skills and held positions as Credit Manager, Human Resource Manager, Team leader for projects of Acquisition & Merger, branch opening, company restructuring, outplacement, legal compliance, analysis and innovation of organizational processes, business partnerships, relations with Trade Unions and Financial Control Institutions. After leaving the company, he continued as an external member of the Board of Directors e, at the same time, he has gone back practicing law and was a management consultant for various companies. He has been also a columnist for newspapers specializing in labor law, automotive services and work organization. His interests include human behavior in the organizational environment, to the neuroscience, the impact of new technologies, the fate of the planet and people facing poverty or war scenarios. He loves traveling, reading, is passionate about many sports, follows the NBA and practices tennis.

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  1. Aldo, different thinking creates an opportunity to adjust your mindset!

    Wishful thinking isn’t related to important dreams. The stuff that matters to you must be explored and tested out to find out what’s going to get you heading in that direction.

    Tiny actions matter.

    Because courage and confidence develop through action.

    And “success” is there whenever you are living well in the present moment, while taking action that matters to you.

    Including developing the skills you need.


  2. Great article Aldo. Thinking differently applies in any field of endeavour. It is difficult to be good, but it is even more difficult to be great. I worked with Jim McLaughlin when he started as the head volleyball coach at the University of Washington. He took a terrible program to a consistently elite level and won a national title. He often said: “The question to you is this: Are you willing to become great? Moving from good to great is not easy. It requires you to examine and re-examine every aspect of your game and your life. It requires your total and complete commitment. If you are willing to learn and have the courage to change your game, your attitude, your diet, your training, and your behavior outside of this court, you could become great.” -Coach Jim McLaughlin from the book From the Ashes: The Rise of the University of Washington Volleyball Program by Frank Zaccari

    • Thanks for reading my article and for the quote.
      I agree exactly with what the volleyball coach said.