Different No-Code Tools for Remote Teams

As we mentioned in our previous post ‘21st Century Teams: The Road Ahead’, a lot of organizations struggle to transform into shared approaches to leading and competing. Despite having a working arrangement where interrelatedness, adaptability, and collaboration are encouraged, remote teams still find trouble finding a momentum where everyone can thrive and innovate. Just like in other working arrangements, remote employees face their own set of challenges they need to overcome to work productively with each other. In this post, we’ll talk about no-code tools and how they can help remote teams find success.

What Are No-Code Tools?

In this day and age, many businesses invest in building their own software and products. Most do this by hiring a dedicated team of developers and designers or outsourcing it to specialists. However, this can be resource-intensive and very costly, considering it takes a while to properly design, build, and test a bug-free program. But while there’s a certain kind of pride in using software specially made for your organization, you’ll be able to cut down on costs and save precious resources if you choose no-code tools.

In essence, no-code tools allow you to build complex workflow, apps, and programs without having to hire developers and have long waiting times.

The great thing about no-code tools is that they don’t require you to know how to write code. As long as you know how to navigate programs with a graphic user interface, you can build almost any program your enterprise needs with no-code tools. Here are some examples of no-code tools that you can try for your remote teams.

For Onboarding

When hiring new people for your remote team, you have to ensure that they fully understand what is needed from them from the get-go. Failing to have a good remote onboarding program can result in alienating workers and substandard outcomes. Thankfully, there are no-code tools that can help you seamlessly onboard new employees. One such example of this is UserGuiding, which allows you to create various onboarding tools like user guides, product tools, feature highlights, and so much more without requiring you to know anything about coding. Additionally, you can fully customize the onboarding experience for each new team member which allows them to go through only the necessary onboarding materials relevant to their job.

For Collaboration

Without a doubt, successful collaboration can dictate whether your remote teams will achieve success or not. In a remote working arrangement, seamless collaboration can be difficult to achieve ⁠— especially if you don’t have the right collaboration tools. Through no-code programs, you can easily enhance the collaboration experience in your organization. For one, manufacturing and design teams can use a basic PCB design software, which includes routing traces, schematic capture, and various functions without needing the use of a program especially made for your organization. Other examples of collaboration tools (built on no-code platforms such as Airtable and AppSheet) are project management and cloud databases.

If you want to secure the success of your remote teams, you should take your time learning about no-code tools. By understanding what no-code tools are and how they work, you can help your company conserve precious resources and time, and delegate your energy to the more important aspects of managing your remote team – like learning to Lead with Trust.

Dr. Jeb S. Hurley
Dr. Jeb S. Hurleyhttps://www.brainwarevault.com/
Dr. Jeb Hurley is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur who is a leading expert on team dynamics and high-performance leadership. Jeb guides leaders in understanding and influencing human behavior to deliver better results and greater wellbeing. He is co-founder and CEO of Xmetryx, Inc., the creator of TrustMetryx software, and Co-founder and Managing Partner of Brainware Partners, a team dynamics consultancy. Jeb is a two-time author and holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

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