Different Career Opportunities Involving Fire Protection

We all have our distinctive personalities. In the end, it is our likes, dislikes, tastes and preferences that will build our path into the future. Some people will choose a path of teaching, some of inventing. Some people enjoy more passive jobs while others like to stay active all the time. Some people enjoy working with numbers and data, some want to use their creativity for their jobs as well. If you’re one of those people who want to protect others, one of the superhero-like jobs includes a career in fire protection. There are different roads to take in fire protection as well. Keep on reading to learn what options you have when choosing fire engineering as your calling.


As you could have guessed, firefighters have the responsibility to put out fires. However, this is not all they are required to do. Apart from extinguishing fires, firefighters also have to provide immediate medical help and rescue people from the fire. One can specialize for a more specific firefighter career. For example, you can choose to fight fires caused by hazardous materials or opt to protect forests from the fire. In order to become a firefighter, you need to have a high school diploma. Then you have the right to apply for a firefighter position. If you manage to pass the written and physical exam, you are required to complete the training in a special fire protection academy. Also, you will have to obtain a medical technician certificate in order to assist fire victims properly. The demand for firefighters is constantly growing. What’s more, if you excel at what you do, there’s a high chance for promotion after several exemplary years in fire protection.

Fire inspectors/investigators/prevention specialists

As a fire inspector, your duty includes checking the public buildings for fire safety. All buildings have to comply with the state fire safety codes. Moreover, fire investigators will lead a thorough investigation once the fire occurs in order to determine what caused it. Prevention specialists and fire inspectors that work in a forest will have to watch for any sign of fire from a tall tower and notify the firefighters about suspicious activity. They also monitor people’s behavior and actions when they’re in a forest. Just like with firefighters, the demand for inspectors, investigators and prevention specialists is on the rise. In order to become a fire inspector or investigator, one has to have firefighter experience. Sometimes, an additional certificate will be necessary. Also, forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists usually need a bachelor’s degree.

Fire prevention and protection engineers

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, fire prevention and protection engineers are responsible for creating fire detection systems as well as doing the overall research for building’s fire safety measures. Therefore, they often work with construction and architecture staff to make sure that the whole structure corresponds to the general fire safety codes. Fire Safe ANZ evacuation diagrams will help you do that. The majority of fire prevention and protection engineers have to obtain a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering and get certified for a fire protection career later on. Apart from excelling at written and physical exams, they also need valuable experience for the job. It’s worth mentioning that even though the demand for all career options in fire department is high, fire protection engineers are sought after the most.

Since there will always be a great need for health and safety specialists when it comes to fire protection, one can choose their career in fire department in many different sectors. Forests, residential areas, commercial buildings, government, chemical plants, etc. all require a fire safety specialist. As mentioned already, you can choose a career in fire department and strive for a promotion. However, it’s important to know that working as a fire safety specialist is not an easy job. You have to be passionate about what you do and willing to learn more about safety protocols every day so that you can successfully use your knowledge in the field. Still, if you’re prepared to learn and work hard, you should also be very proud because working in fire protection is one of the noblest career options out there.


Matt Milstead
Matt Milstead
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