Did You Say You Would Or Would Not Relocate?


Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonINVARIABLY WHAT HAPPENS when people see that you are a recruiter you get peppered with resumes from any number of different types of candidates the vast majority of which you have no openings for. The next series of questions usually have to do with can you find them a job in a new career or can you help them find a new job in a new career in a different part of the country.

My answer 99% of the time is NO! No, I cannot find you a job in a new career (the explanation to my or practically any recruiter’s inability to do this is too long winded to get into) nor can I find you a job in a new career in addition to relocating you to a different part of the country. I don’t mind the inquiries or the contact but when it comes to relocation I try to stay away from it for the sake of the candidate.

An international credit union based in this area was looking to fill a very high level position with a very attractive compensation package. Their preference was for a candidate who already lived in this area who could commute on a daily basis. Failing that my client opened up their scope of candidates to include those who needed relocation which they would pay for. With that I expanded my search efforts to other areas of the country with great reservation about the relocation process.

Through networking a candidate living in a small state in middle America was presented to me. He exceeded all the qualifications my client was looking for. After speaking with him we mutually decided this opportunity was not for him. The first time we spoke he was driving his son to his Little League Baseball Game. That was the first sign of trouble. I will explain why later on. Never having been to New York the only vision that came to mind was that of Times Square on New Years Eve. The sight of all those people squished together was not appealing. In his mind New York City was Times Square only.

Relocating to a different part of the country to change jobs is very risky not to mention potentially traumatizing to the family. Children hate change! This is a known fact. Taking them away from their friends will lead to adjustment problems that may cause you to have to take time off from work to deal with this issue. Next thing you know your job security is an issue.

Even without the above relocation is still very risky. What happens if the job does not work out? The candidate will have a difficult time finding a new job since “transplants” are not overly loved in many areas of the country. If you changed careers on top of relocating it becomes an even more precarious situation. In general you will be watched more closely than somebody who lived locally or did not change careers. Chances are you will be tested in a manner to see how you react and if you look to move back to where you came from or return to your former industry.

If a person is truly desirous of this change he will pursue it irrespect to possible consequences. From the standpoint of being a recruiter who places a high premium on ethics I cannot find it within myself to expose somebody to this type of risk especially if there are children involved. While we each put a value into different things your family and children should be number one.

In summation I would not do a relocation of a radical extent. Yes, I could offer it if my client is willing but when push comes to shove I would rather not be involved. If it means losing a fee so be it. At the very least I have the comfort of knowing I kept that candidate from what could have been the biggest mistake of his life. Any money I would have made from that placement had something gone wrong would have reduced me to something lower than a snake!

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Joel Elveson
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Tom-Scott Gordon

Great post here, Joel. I know NYC’s topography pretty darn well so it was easy to put my own experience to the test here. You’re coming from a perspective of clear conventional wisdom, which is critical in the bricks and mortar real world. One can’t reach everybody, but I’ve got much love for those who serve their clients and customers well. You remind me of my surrogate uncle, famed architect Norman Jaffe. Eg: Bend like a willow, but never compromise on your core beliefs.

Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson

I want to thank you for your compliment and your comments in general. Thank you also for your loyal readership which is very much appreciated.