Did You Ever Take the Time?

Did you ever take the time to watch an ice cube melt?
Did you ever stop and wonder how the green plants felt?
Did you ever feel like water running slowly down the drain?
Did you ever feel a thirsting for a nice cool rain?

Were you ever on a bus traveling slower than time?
Were you ever in the middle of an innocent crime?
Were you ever in the midst of a summer sunrise?
Were you ever one among them hearing silent juvenile cries?

How come so many seasons pass never changing name?
How come so many people never win this game?
How come the days seem shorter in the summer than the fall?
How come so many go through Death without living life at all?

Where do the clouds go when night time falls upon us?
Where do the days go as if time is a must?
Where do we travel when dropped into the Earth?
Where do the Babies go never given live Birth?

Why do so many go through life never feeling pain?
Why do some of the nicest people seem to go Insane?
Why do live birds seem to cast their wings?
Why do we suffer with what Life and Death brings?

Illusions make up this Life we live.
There is never enough to receive or give.
You must Live this Life to the Fullest.
Did you ever take the time to live Life to the Best?

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Cindy J. Buechler
Cindy J. Buechler
My Poetry, Photography, and Journals hold treasure from grade school to high school to adult school, which I'm still attending ... just waiting for the final grade. Each layer of life reveals a new truth and with age, it becomes apparent that time is my greatest rival. My hope is to reflect with words and pictures that offer comfort, insight, and wisdom for a life well-lived with peace and tranquility in the end.