Did it Take a Virus to Inspire Us – and Thousands of Deaths to Rebirth the World?

Through a period of weeks and months leading into a new century and a new year 2020, our expectations for endings and new beginnings were high. Filled with hope, gladness to let go of the old and welcome in the new with open arms, hearts, and minds. It was a time of deep reflection of our past, carrying forward only the lessons we learned, to use for continued learning and growth going into the future.

Little did we know how much we had manifested and how quickly it would begin to unfold.

First, was mention of a deadly virus which was quickly spreading in China. What? What was this virus? Where did it come from? Hundreds of questions evolving over just a few weeks and with those, the virus continued to spread and deaths were being reported, originally in the hundreds quickly reaching thousands, in all countries around the world. No one was immune to its deadly wrath. Reports of the stricken being unable to breathe were flooding our computer and television screens. Struggling for breath, pressure in the chest increased, and eventual expiration. Breath of life extinguished, ungodly stacks of dead bodies piling up.

People were panicking, social distancing, and masks. No contact with friends, no contact with school mates, no contact with family. No going to church. No eating out, no outside entertainment, no regular appointments, no traveling, our freedoms allayed.

More questions, no answers. Businesses closing, no going to work. Groceries becoming unaffordable, meat plants infected. What were we to do, but pray? There was no escaping. The fear was infectious, like the virus itself. Life as we had known it was no longer the same.

In spite of it all, people began reaching out to their brothers and sisters, giving food, financial help, assistance, encouraging much-needed hope, faith, and inspiration in any way we could. Touching nor seeing the skin outside…yet still touching the hearts, within.

Love was increasing and eyes were opening, an awakening to a new way of living was just beginning.

Just as restrictions were starting to ease, an innocent man was murdered on the street. A senseless, shameful, and horrid picture emerged for all to see. The guiltless man fighting to breathe, being held down and crushed to death, beneath his killer’s weight.

Again as the world watched in horror and shock, another precious, sacred breath and life snuffed out. The voices, questions of what and why screamed out, begging for answers. Our faith, hope, love, strength, and a coming together began again anew. A new awakening being called forth, for the acknowledgment and value of human life. Each one important no matter if rich, poor, yellow, brown, red, man, woman, religion, or personal beliefs. It makes no difference the outside, it’s what’s inside that counts. We were all indeed made the same beneath the external layer of our skin. All special, valuable in our own unique way.

A re-birth of the world is underway. Much needed changes for respect, dignity, justice, and opportunities for all is demanded.

It’s a new time, a new day, with hope for the new decade still parting the way. Wake up people to your power inside, not in what lies outside you, but what is being called forth from within.

To stand up in unity, integrity, in truth…step up, step out and proclaim, love, hope, and faith will heal our wounds and lead the way! Take your place amongst those willing to work together, to transcend our differences, transform and co-create our brand new beginning, our brand new world.

The time is now.

Inspired and written, while witnessing the “Going Home services” for George Floyd.


Char Murphy
Char Murphy
I’m a 15-year former practicing attorney, now three-time book author, speaker, featured contributing author to such amazing organizations as, Motivation Champs, BIZCATALYST 360, P.O.W.E.R.(Professional Organization of Women of Excellence), REVIVAL Sanctuary for Women in Business, Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine. I’m Passionate about lending hope, inspiration, and empowerment through my writings and my spoken words for those who have fallen, lost on their path and questioning, why me, who am I now and why am I here I do this by sharing my story of abuse, thriving through breast cancer four times, losing my law career and practice, my newly remodeled home, my husband, my identity of “who I thought I was”. Pulling myself back up, taking a few deep breaths, dusting off...going deep within, consulting the inner alchemist we all are, to re-create and co-create with the universe myself anew. To transform and transcend all the many unknowns, to living my true passion and purpose. My greatest rewards in life have been born out of the thrill of knowing I have helped someone else struggling to get back up and finding their direction, purpose, and living their greatest dreams. To heal, with a renewed inner strength and power, knowing it was all meant to be. And being grateful for all of it. That’s the magic we as individuals and a part of humanity as a whole are capable of. Realizing that we are made up of those beautiful gems that lie waiting inside ourselves, that have always been there...just waiting to be discovered. I’m here now, to tell you, YOU ARE the Power. You have more resources, strength, courage, beauty than you can imagine right in your very beingness. Reach in and take hold of that wisdom and truth. Own it! Step out and up, love, and embrace fully the authenticity which IS you and always has been. And never let it go.

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  1. Welcome to the BizCatalyst family, Char! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and for the call to action. We indeed are amidst some uncertain and challenging times, but I have hope that we will do our part to help facilitate change in whatever way(s) we can.

    I saw something yesterday that brought it home for me. It was a sign in front of the village church on the street where I live. It read, ”Respect, Learn, Listen.” It hit me that these three things are so necessary to moving forward – and applicable to so many areas of life. Imagine if we all took a few minutes each day to do so and then used what we learn to foster positive change and growth? I am hopeful we will get there.

  2. Thank you for the inspiration, Char! What an invitation to rework our insides for peace, to end the “wars” or internal struggles (of the mind, heart, and soul) that often leak out into outer words and deeds. When we find peace, value, courage, dignity, wholeness, compassion, curiosity on the inside this can flow forth from our hearts and souls for all of humanity.