Our depth is directly correlated to the range of emotions we have allowed ourselves to feel over the course of our life. I remember someone once saying you cannot be in love until you have had a broken heart. I believe it is much deeper than that.

We can recover from heartbreak in many ways and everyone is completely different.

But from everything I have gone through these last years, until we are willing to choose ourselves, and sit through the pain without any vices or excuses or ways to avoid it, we cannot truly heal.

The depth of pain we are willing to sit in and go through has a direct correlation to the depth of love and joy we can feel.

We all want the fairytale without the pain, but I am not sure it is even possible.

So many factors, do we allow ourselves to sit in the pain before someone around us signs off on; go live again, move on, find something else.

For me, as I continue my journey and path, I ride the waves of pain as they come, as each wave comes they get larger and the pain is deeper, but I am learning to appreciate that on the other side the love and joy will be also.

This is deeper than moving on, that’s easy to distract ourselves with and continue the path of sharing trauma bonds, but the key from what I have been learning from my experience is that I am worthy of experiencing the greatest amounts of love and joy.

That means I will continue to go through the waves and have people in my life that understand and don’t try to have me move on.

I am truly blessed to have amazing people in my life.

I never want yes people or co-signers on my bullshit, I want people that will help me be accountable to me and support my growth.

Love and light

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Michael Padurano
Michael Padurano
My definitive purpose is to Elevate Humanity Through Knowledge and Understanding. I work with individuals and organizations to inspire through action to connect to your impact. Through my deep vulnerability, I inspire others to be their truest soul-connected selves, while I am on my journey to do the same for myself. One of my goals is to use my wisdom, created from the knowledge that I applied to experiences to inspire others to find their own wisdom. As a solo parent, my children and self-care always come first in my life, through my soul’s inspired action I live in my legacy daily.