A few days ago, I deleted my TikTok account. Yes, that is right. Gone, done, and never to be used or seen again. You might ask, “Did you decide you are too old?” I thought I was until I saw some Octogenarians on there. No, I decided that my wish to share inspirational messages depleted my energy. Preparing the sixty-second video for viewing takes at least ten times longer after creating it.

Please accept my word for it. Other than one or two of my one hundred followers who might wonder where I went, no one will notice, never mind miss me.


For the second time, I decided to stop doing regular YouTube videos. Why? For almost the same reason as Tik Tok. I happen to find YouTube easier to navigate. Again, however, among the millions of people watching other videos, is it worth my precious time and energy to try and acquire passive income or promote a message viewed by no one other than me, my husband, or my sister-in-law? I have concluded “No.” There are easier ways for the former. The latter I already do. I will not delete YouTube, but for now, delete me as a regular presence on this platform.

Instagram and Facebook

How about Instagram? Well, I have barely posted there in weeks. Will I again? We shall see. One person said they enjoyed my messages. I appreciate that, but they receive them from me on other venues.

Next is Facebook. During Covid, I engaged with some of the most remarkable people you can meet in some of the online groups in which I participated. I am most appreciative of that, but it was not enough to prevent me from deactivating my account for the second time in my Facebook lifetime, almost deleting it. I was tired of viewing the political vitriol and being expected to say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy whatever. On my birthday, which I hope to remove from my profile, I felt compelled to say thank you to 200 kind souls whom I will never meet but deserved my expression of gratitude. I even decided to transfer a group I started because of the responsibility I experienced acknowledging every post published. Sometimes, we forget our limitations, and as usual, me being me, I had to limit myself.

There are two reasons I returned to Facebook. Periodically, I host an accountability group, and where is the platform live-streamed? Facebook. Also, I enjoy sharing my articles and podcasts with anyone who cares to read or listen. I usually do not tag people on Facebook, but for the most part, I do not mind it from friends or fellow contributors. Helping showcase others’ talents is welcomed by me.

Twitter and Other Social Media

How about Twitter? I never deactivated or deleted that account. Again, the temptation was there, but I avoid controversial subjects, so I decided it was another platform to share my articles with people receptive to reading them. Since returning, I have communicated with some lovely people who kindly reviewed and commented on my book. One, in particular, has been extremely helpful and gracious

What about LinkedIn and online newsletter subscriptions? I never deleted Linked In, but it has changed over time. Newsletters, yes, I click often delete—more about both in Part 2. Stay tuned.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Social media is undoubtedly a blessing and a curse. We have to use our time wisely on each platform. I invite you to share your thoughts.

Darlene Corbett
Darlene Corbett is a Speaker, Author, Licensed Therapist, and Podcaster and is known as the “UnStuck” expert. She has developed programs based on her experience and is hired by associations and corporations all over the country to share her expertise. Darlene is a high-content speaker with an engaging and energizing style. Darlene loves working with people and believes her foundation as a Therapist and Hypnotherapist validates her position that everyone can get UnStuck. When it comes to her deep understanding of human behavior, communication, and relationships, Darlene not only helps refurbish the house but steady the foundation. She has been quoted in Knox News,, Bustle, and Best Life and has written many blogs and articles. Her book, Stop Depriving The World of You: A Guide for Getting Unstuck, was published by Sound Wisdom in November 2018. Darlene’s podcast “Tap Into The Power of U” is for men and women 40+ who wish to get unstuck. Darlene is a member of many associations and is an Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She has served on a variety of Boards, including, more recently, the National Speakers Association - New England and Abby’s House in Worcester, MA. A free ebook, Five Steps To Get UnStuck: For Professional Women of Faith Fifty+, is available on her website at In her personal life, Darlene enjoys spending time with her husband, dogs, and close friends, as well as crocheting, reading, attempting tricky crossword puzzles, yoga, staying healthy and loving life. Along with being a bibliophile, she is a logophile. Thus, Darlene adores discovering new words, being challenged by Jumble Scrambles, and extraordinarily challenged with learning a new language. She thanks God every day for giving her the energy and excitement to continue to look forward to what is ahead.


  1. Great post Darlene. I have so many opinions about social media that it’s hard to find a proper swim lane. In the past, I rejected social media platforms based simply on human behavior. There are indeed some great people out there, but ignorance really seems to dominate. My disdain grew worse when the tech giants themselves were exposed for their partisan political activities. I couldn’t support censorship or the fact that they have even more influence over D.C. than the bloody oil industry… I am now dabbling with Instagram for the second time, but it’s really not my thing. I have no solutions on this… We’re all just ants on the terrain at this point. Hopefully someday a decent platform will emerge where everyone can be genuine and honest. For now I’ll just have to swallow my disappointment and learn to deal with the BS that comes with generating content. Best regards my friend…

    • Hi Aaron,

      Thank you so much for reading and writing as you always do so eloquently. I could not agree with you more about a platform that is not selectively censuring. Whatever happened to fairness and truth? My part two is coming out soon.
      I appreciate your comments.

      With a smile,

  2. Oh my dear Darlene,
    This is a constant for me to battle. Where oh where do I begin? Lol.
    I’m involved with all of the above mentioned platforms, and yes and find it most difficult to juggle the time. There is value everywhere, but there is also that which is crowded with more political opinions, negativity, junk and sales, pitching and omg yes marriage proposals or porn. Yes porn. Facebook being the leader here. As a writer I keep my network open for those people to who might need what I have to offer. I dare say I know it comes with a price and I take that risk. Interaction became less over time and I was discouraged to even open up some notifications and or messages. There was always more housekeeping than anything else.
    That being said, I still “dump” (as I call it) my work in hopes it will reach the receptive person who might need what I have for them, but I still find it harder to spend time there for the feedback is minimal
    Linkedin has my true commitment with a large following and thus I find I am tied up there a lot. There are days that are filed more by linkedin than I can humanly manage. I am overall happy as I do know and have received the feedback that I have helped others in a positive way. This keeps me going.
    I have to say that engagement is very much appreciated and I’ve met some remarkable people there.
    I’m constantly struggling but learn at the same time. I do not play the game many do. I’m not a follow the leader type and believe that we all have something to say and that it may not always be what I want to support. Nor do I have any expectations from others. Time is precious and for me to be pulled away from my own needs was not helping. I’m at the point where I may not post, just to catch up…or just rest offline. I’m very grateful for the social media as it has helped us communicate in many ways. I never tag and never ask people to follow me. I deliver and I roam as I please now. Some days I feel the pressure but then let myself realize that what I do is up to me.
    I cannot keep up and that’s that. I can do my best and I’m still working through it. It’s hard my dear and I’m glad to hear that I am not alone here. I can resonate with much of what you say and truly value this article. Basically, I go where I get the most interaction as I’m all about the connection via real communication. Like cut the bs and show me value, that’s where I’ll roll. Lol. Just my thoughts here at this moment. I was in fb earlier and spent 10 min blocking inappropriate messengers… and just left as I was tasting sourness in my heart.
    It’s just not worth my time to entertain where I am not valued . I will continue to add my posts as I will take that risk that someone in need of it will see it. The Universe to me, sends messages your way and we see them if it is meant to be.
    Wow that was a lot😀🙏🙏🤣. Stopping here.. lol. Thank yo7 for this Darlene😀🙏. You are of great value to me and when I do see your interaction and content, I smile instantly. You rock it my lady. Thank you for what you do do! I’m sorry i wrote so much here….😃🙏

  3. Hello once again dear author. I too have withdrawn from social media, FB and Lindkin entirely, while rarely posting on Pinterest and Instagram. At first I hesitated because I wanted to spread the word of God regardless. But God has given me another avenue, Bizcatalyst360, and that too has been a little dry but will resume soon. God bless.

    • Thank you Jackie for your kind words! Yes, I was invited but did not jump into a Clubhouse meet. Based on what I heard and what you said, I will decline. You are right on and described it perfectly, too many bells and whistles without ROI. I could not have said it better. Thank you again!
      With a smile,






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