“Defund Police” has Awakened the Sleeping Giant!

Today police are leaving cities as “defund police” takes a toll on officers. City leaders are releasing prisoners as crime dramatically increases which puts everyone in jeopardy. Thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring over our southern border. Our justice system is being threatened! Radical activists blame police for violence as young people destroy their own communities. Only Hollywood, the elite, and politicians will feel safe because they can afford private security.

This is spiritual ignorance at its worst! Americans are waking up as a group of radical activists and politicians seeking to destroy American values. They will fail because “we the people” believe in freedom and equality.

Years ago, faith gave families a strong foundation with morals, values, and boundaries. Americans worked together at home, in neighborhoods, and with young people to help them develop courage, character, and a self-protective conscience which kept everyone safe. Children with moral values are less likely to steal, bully, take drugs, have teen sex, be victimized, join gangs, become violent, commit suicide or murder without remorse.

What happened to change American values?

In 1962, all discussion of religion and prayer was removed from government schools by the Supreme Court. Over the years, many parents no longer attended religious services. In some communities, people lost the importance of personal responsibility with consequences for bad behavior. Crime and violence increased as television, social media, iPhones, sports and other distractions became the new focus for families. Some Americans bought into the Hollywood promotion of sex and violence which took a toll on families. People paid less attention to children’s emotional needs as single mothers, fatherless homes and divorce increased. As the cost of living went up, parents worked more and had less time for children, schools, neighbors, and community activities. To fill the void, government programs grew but they could not fix problems at home because that takes being self-aware with a spiritual understanding of self.

Lack of parental support and neighborhood involvement left young people without guidance as they joined gangs to create “family” support.

Domestic violence and child abuse increased as the family structure broke down! Today taxpayers spend $220 million a DAY on child abuse and neglect as a million young people joined gangs at a cost of $200 billion a year. Drug abuse became a way to escape because adults failed to discuss with youth how to take charge of their lives. The economic cost of drug abuse is $1.45 trillion each year. Abused and neglected youth often become followers (lack identity) as anger and violence stops emotional growth and self-empowerment.

How do we turn these problems around?

Americans are tired of bureaucrats and politicians looking down on the people they serve and telling them how to live their lives.

Americans are experiencing a spiritual awakening as never before! People in all walks of life see what’s happening with defund police, the “Woke” movement, and how the “Cancel Culture” affects children’s education. Americans are tired of bureaucrats and politicians looking down on the people they serve and telling them how to live their lives. In Oakley, Ca the board of trustees resigned after parents heard disparaging remarks from teachers, and the board was replaced by parents who care about children. Actions speak louder than words! America has thousands of groups including 350,000 churches and numerous community groups who offer family support with values to empower the human spirit. They are speaking out. Radical activists must hear many voices promoting freedom. Let’s demonstrate “Love thy neighbor,” and take back our power to heal and transform lives. We can persuade city leaders to hire and train “Neighborhood Safety Experts,” who look like and speak the language of the community. They can work with community resources to educate neighbors and bring them together.

Americans are seizing the opportunity to come together and empower their fellow Americans with emotional support. However, we need police support to get violence under control! Then neighbors can help stop racism, fear, anger, and violence as they build trust, reduce fear and social isolation. As we begin to heal our communities, we will be empowering each other. As community involvement grows, politicians will have less power, and “we the people” can restore love and faith in the American way of life. The first step is, Speak Up for freedom at community groups, organizations, and city council meetings! YOU have the power to create change!

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Stephanie L. Mann
Stephanie L. Mann
Stephanie Mann co-authored, Alternative to Fear: Guidelines to Safer Neighborhoods,” which helped launch the national “Neighborhood Watch” Program. Within 2 1/2 years, involved residents in her community (17,500 residents) decreased crime 48%, WITHOUT a local police department. Mann worked as a community leader, neighborhood organizer, county coordinator, state consultant and authored, “Safe Homes, Safe Neighborhoods: Stopping Crime Where You Live” (Nolo Press 1993) In 2010, while working in Richmond CA, with “Mother’s Against Senseless Killings,” Mann saw people too scared to be involved or report crimes. She wrote, “The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook,” with an easy-to-follow guide for existing groups and “My first steps to a safe neighborhood” for citizens. These booklets give individuals and groups the tools to reach out and bring people together to help each other. Stephanie started a homeless men’s support group while working with “The Mary Ann Wright Foundation” in Oakland CA. She recognized the need to support children at an early age and wrote, “Street Safe Kids: 10 Step Guide for Teens and Adults” (which has been used in after-school programs) to help youth grow strong from within to develop self-esteem and stay centered. Book available on The Safe Kids Now National website states, “Every child needs a healthy family and neighborhood to stay safe.” In partnership with the CARR Foundation, a binder, “Safe Neighborhoods: Access to a Healthy Community,” was created for city leaders to make neighborhoods safer for families and neighborhoods. Stephanie’s books strengthen families and can decrease the social isolation that fuels bullies, domestic violence, abuse, drugs, gangs, and other destructive behaviors.”

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  1. Stephanie,

    A powerful article, and something we need to see much more of in America these days. The problem is that speaking the truth and thinking for yourself can get you cancelled by Marxist influencers. Defunding law enforcement is the epitome of cultural ignorance, a symptom which only leads to further violence and degradation within our inner cities. That infection only spreads outward to urban and rural developments from there… I am not interested in statistics, because as we’ve seen too often, facts and figures can be grossly manipulated. How can we ever trust numerical resources or data when that research is funded by either red or blue agencies? It’s impossible, so we can only trust our instincts and believe in our hearts that this madness is only the beginning. They have already infiltrated our government and initiated the hard work of undermining our constitution. Once these anarchist lunatics succeed in defunding the police, they will look to radically transform and control the military. Why? Because it’s never enough for these Marxist operatives, not until they extinguish the virtues of free speech and common morality. The thought police already control the media, and the mighty tech giants will stop at nothing to ensure the racist narrative is permanently etched in the minds of our youth. We’re long past the point of trying to resolve this in a civil capacity. Let’s face it, they want to destroy conservative America and weaponize capitalism against us. There is no longer room for two voices. The two-party system doesn’t work and neither side is interested in unity. Once the left achieves a full systemic purge, they can finally adopt their Marxist utopian model of government and put the rest of us on trial for supporting decent conservative values. The America of yesterday you described, it already has a dagger in it’s back. We just need to accept there is a Cold War in our very own country and understand that the divorce is permanent. What comes next? That’s a scary thought…

    • Hi Aaron,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I see you wrote this in May and I missed it. 🙂 I have a TV/radio show and a national network at Safe Kids Now so it is hard to keep up. I’ve written a few more article because I am concerned about the path ahead, too. I never intended to tell my story, but many people don’t understand we all have the inner power to overcome any challenge. As I see it, that’s why Christians are now under attack. Get them out of the way so Americans turn to government for support and guidance. Interesting times we live in!

  2. Hi Stephanie. My name is Tom Stassi and I read your article not once, not twice, I read it three times to fully absorb what I think is a well written article. I am a retired Syracuse Police Officer having served 25 years in Law Enforcement in Syracuse NY. I was talking to a young volunteer (21 years old) yesterday at the hospital. We both volunteer in Patient Transport. He is studying medicine. He asked me what it was like to be a police officer back in the 70’s when I first started on the job. If anyone remembers the 70’s were were slowing coming out of the Vietnam War (I served there for 14 months as a United States Marine) and as you may or may not remember there was a lot of unrest on the College Campuses. Syracuse University is located upper East Side of the City. There was marches against the war and we had radical groups such as the Black Panthers, Weather Underground Organization, Black Liberation Army to name a few. The Chief of Police at the time, Tom Sardino even marched with the SU students in 1970 in an effort to diffuse some of the unrest.
    I see what is happening today some what similar to the 70’s. Back then I don’t remember the call for defunding the police. I am not saying that the citizens were totally supportive of the police yet there was still a certain amount of respect even from those that marched in protest. Back then the press covered a lot of the protests. I don’t remember citizens with cell phones photographing or video taping the police. In my humble opinion what we have today are people that will push the envelope in hopes of getting a video of police acting in a unprofessional or criminal manner.
    Back then there was respect for law enforcement and we for the most part were welcomed in the black community. For almost all of my career I worked in the black community both in uniform and on a major felony unit.
    Yes there were some officers that overstepped. Before the advent of civilian review boards we had Internal Affairs. I know that you did not want to have to be called “upstairs”. Chief Sardino was not a man that you wanted to get cross ways with as well.
    I loved my job and looked forward to going to work everyday. No two days were ever the same. Defunding the police is not the answer in todays society. Better training, better equipment and more importantly hiring the right individuals for the job.
    I find it kind of rich that the people that want to defund or do away with the police are the ones that have there own security, and live in mansions with walls built around them. The liberals and the left that want to defund or do away with law enforcement are the first ones to call on the police when the criminal element come knocking on their door.
    I told that volunteer the job of the police officer has changed so much since the 70’s yet still remains the same, that is “To Protect and Serve”.
    I would like to state one more thing. I have followed with interest the fact that the NYC Gay Pride Parade Organizers have band the New York Police Officers who are Gay from marching in their parade yet these are the same officers that will be protecting them on the day of their event. Does that make sense? What do you think would happen if NYD did not show up to that event?
    My hope is that someday soon our country will again experience a moral awakening, that parents become the focal point of the family, not those that wish to rewrite history and tear down this great country
    Thank again for a great article.

    • Hi Tom,
      I see you wrote this in May. I’m sorry to be so slow, too much going on. Thanks for responding to my article. I do remember the disruptions you mentioned in the 70’s. As a crime and violence prevention specialist working in my county with 27 cities (police), I also felt welcomed in the Black community. However, when I worked with the Black homeless men for 4 and a half years, I heard the horror stories of child abuse, violence in the home, sexual abuse and rage. That is why I wrote, “Empowerment Parenting” to help families raise resilient kids. A lot of the angry behavior was due to lack of family support and guidance. These children are now adults and, I think, they have lots of childhood issues such as no father in the home. Police are authority figures which has created resentment. Just my take on defund police as city leaders look for solutions (mental health) in the wrong place. As F. Douglass said, “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

  3. Hi Darlene, You are such an encourager for me. Thanks for being you! Yes, we hit a big low but we are moving up. This is a great time to see progress but I think the media will be slow to react. We need to send them messages and stop watching their programs until they create a health balance between uplifting progress and bad news. Blessings, Stephanie

    • Thank you my friend! I cannot be anything but me. I am so pleased you appreciate it. Also, I am most happy we discovered we are on the same page. I look forward to more of your fabulous articles.
      With a smile and a hug,

  4. Stephanie: Thank you for writing this, there are many points of agreement. I’m all for better, safer, cleaner, more equal neighborhoods and stronger, more highly regarded (and compensated) police. There are, however, a few glaring errors in your statistics, and a few conclusions with which I respectfully disagree.
    For one, you claim that crime ‘dramatically increases.’ I’m sorry to say this is patently false. According the Pew Research Center, and any other source we choose, crime has plummeted in this country over the last several years. Yes, immigrants are coming to the U.S. in large numbers, just as they always have. If your implication is that immigrants add to the crime rate, that, too, is simply false. Statistically, immigrants commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans.
    As for the ‘defund police’ statement, yes, I agree, it’s a poor word choice. Those who expressed it that way simply wish to redirect funding from certain police activities, by and large assignments which our police officers are at present untrained and ill equipped to do, and for which there are better credentialed and better trained entities. Some of those you yourself refer to, the ‘neighborhood safety experts,’ an excellent idea. Let’s redirect money from police budgets there, and I’m guessing we’ll see better results, and fewer stressed-out cops. A big part of a police officer’s shift involves domestic violence calls, so let’s fund those neighborhood intervention folks to handle those instead. I’m guessing every cop in America would vote for that. There was never a suggestion to ‘disband’ police forces across the board, that would be absurd.
    Drug abuse costs $1.45 trillion? Again, not true. Latest cost estimates of drug abuse and its treatment is $600 Billion per year. Still a whopping big number, but not as big as you suggest. Here again, let’s redirect public funds to drug treatment, and abuse prevention. Treating drug addiction as a disease, as it’s done in Europe, is highly successful.
    As for ‘radical activists destroying their own community,’ I’m sorry but if this refers to the BLM movement, then neither you nor I are qualified to comment fully. I admit that I’m a knee-jerk lefty, let’s get that out in front. I believe what Martin Luther King said about riots, that they happen when the voices of the people are not heard. I believe that until we see equality for all of our people, not just token initiatives to appease oppressed and marginalized folks and keep them quiescent, we will see these eruptions. I believe that until our Black friends and neighbors can safely walk our streets, and not fear that their children may be killed by the police, we will have riots. I’d remind you that the U.S. was founded by a bunch of radical activists who weren’t afraid to break the china and shake things up. Until we have full equality in America, among Blacks and browns, and trans, and LGBTQ, and women, and native-born, the truly radical idea would be for the oppressed and marginalized to shut up and accept their lot. I’m hoping they never do.
    Finally, I believe what you say is true, that there’s a stirring of spiritual commitment in this country. I welcome it. I’m hoping it wakes us up to wondrous possibilities. And I believe it will, with fairness and equality for all, movement toward sustainability in all things, and movement away from the predatory practices that have contributed to so much of our national malaise. Thanks again, and keep writing.

    • Hi Bryon,
      Thanks for your comment. You are right! I should have put in the source of the info. I will do that. I use my iphone to get information and later forget where I got it. So… will do better. I did add the sources in my latest article.
      I’m disappointed the news media will not talk about Portland. I have friends that tell me the downtown is a mess and people are frightened. One friend is scared to go to work and others have moved or quit their jobs. Let’s hope some cities get better leadership. Stephanie

  5. I heartily concur with everything that you have emphasized in your post Stephanie. Your voice and support for the American family, community and police are essential if we want our republic to survive (“if we can keep it?” as said by Benjamin Franklin). One nation under God is just not a slogan nor a pledge, it is a prayer! Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Thanks, Danny! Yes, we need a “higher power” of understanding to create a stronger country and empower children. That is why I wrote, “Empowerment Parenting” to help parents give children the tools they need for emotional and spiritual growth. Just as important as reading, writing and math! 🙂

  6. Welcome Stephanie to the ever need of common sense in dealing with issues of today. As a former police officer who entered the work force in the early 70’s, and did much time on the streets, I was able to see the progression of things, becoming more and more radical. Children were not reared by a solid home life, God slowly taken out of everything, and more challenges against those who chose to protect and serve. I for one am doing what I can, seems like small steps, and at the age of 70, I hope I can make a difference. I believe also that community policing is a way to break the barrier if we can establish it, promote it, but I will say that unless we get back to the solid education we once had while correcting what doesn’t work and teaching our kids about history, economics, and getting rid of this race baiting, we will struggle to ever get back to normal. But I have hope and prayers and actions are powerful.

    • Hi Lynn, Thanks for your service! I too saw the decline. As the people got more dependent, fear and social isolation took over. I saw a few police, in some areas, get more aggressive but so did the young boys and men. As a coordinator, I did training for police officers and citizens but you could see the handwriting on the wall. Community policing was a great help but as time went by and police needed more officers, community policing was the first to go. So far, we are NOT a preventive society. It will be interesting to see if we move in that direction. Stephanie

  7. Glad to welcome you to the ‘neighborhood,’ Stephanie.
    What if “the American way of life” didn’t include attacking other people’s perspectives and didn’t embrace labels and vitriol? I’m a little bit confused at how your piece promotes “love thy neighbor” and attacks “radical activists” at the same time.

    • Hi Mac, I will always warn people about “radical” violent behavior no matter who is doing it. We have a crisis of the spirit problem which occurs when people have been abused or their emotional development has been neglected. No one, in a civic society, is entitled to hurt others or destroy property. That is primitive behavior and should tell us that person is in crisis. Family members must be on the alert and seek help.

    • Hello Ken, I am so encouraged with all the good people are doing. The media only talks about the bad. I think it is time for more balance in the media. They will have to broaden the news, if we all demand it. Stephanie

  8. Stephanie, my dear friend, I am so pleased you are here! This is a fabulous and most necessary article. Thank you for your courage in stating what many people refuse to address. I regularly hear what is happening in the classroom and with the police. The radical extremists derive their practices from the Frankfurt School. Our society is experiencing a moral, cultural dearth, or more appropriately, rot. Gramsci’s prediction the “long march through the institutions” has been succeeding. Thank God parents are beginning to awaken and trying to “unwoke” what is happening in their communities. Let us hope so free America will remain a “Shining City on a Hill.”
    With a smile & a hug, Darlene