While you can protest this trend by giving up Facebook, everyone who uses the Internet gives up some modicum of their personal data every time they go online.

Even if you give up on Facebook, data mining companies have ample opportunity to grab your data. They gather your data via browser cookies when you’re browsing the web, purchases you make online, even the songs you listen to from streaming services like Spotify. Unless you’re living in a cave completely off the grid, it’s likely that the top data brokers have an individual dossier on you, which they’re willing to sell to the top bidders.

Most of us can’t or won’t give up the internet entirely just to keep our data safe. The internet isn’t just for fun or convenience anymore: it’s a necessity. Internet access is crucial for keeping up with your peers in your education and career (just try doing homework or applying for a job without email or internet access). The United Nations has even declared internet access a basic human right.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up the internet completely just to protect your personal data from being used against you. There are ways to take advantage of modern conveniences online while still protecting your data, including using special security software, enabling multi-factor authentication with your logins, using virtual private networks (VPNs) to connect to the internet, and using unique, secure passwords for each of your online accounts.

Check out the guide below to discover how you can keep your data private and safe.

Defending Your Data - An Infographic from StudyWeb.com

Embedded from StudyWeb.com

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