Death and Resurrection, Cycles of Life

This morning, I woke up early. My body felt swollen and inflamed. Probably from my eating choices from the past few days. When I feel overwhelmed, stress begins to build in my system, and sometimes I eat a little more than usual which often includes more sweets and late-night snacks. I decided to get out of bed since the stirring of my body was much louder than the desire to close my eyes and go back to sleep. My body was hot, and my abdomen was a bit distended. I am sure some of you know the feeling. Uh, no worries. I just figured I would start my day with lighter choices today like some hot tea or lemon water.

I raised myself out of bed, and sat at the edge for a brief moment. Enough time to notice my hips adjusting, as I placed my bare feet on the coolness of the wood floor. I felt my body and breath have a sigh of relief as the coolness ran up my feet. I noticed the silence of the morning. Still and quiet and then a gentle breeze came through the window further cooling my skin. Refreshing! It was still dark outside. There was no need to look at the clock, I just knew what time it was. The bewitching hour. The time between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. The best time to connect with spirit and study. You might remember me writing a little bit about it in a prior blog titled Divine Nature Power of Will. It’s the time of morning when Monks often pray and chant.

While I did not chant, I did proceed to start my morning ritual. Naturally, my dog, Gus, rolled over, paws reaching out toward me for his morning belly rub. How could I resist? He is adorable, and it has become our routine. Similar to a mother waking her children. I gently rubbed his belly and asked him if he slept well. His tail wags back and forth in response.

I made the bed and hopped into the shower to wash the night’s sleep off me which consists of me opening my bag of Eucalyptus Epsom Salt. I open the bag and breathe in the scent. It wakes me and cleanses the stagnation of the temporary death of sleep and resurrects my life force energy that had slowed during the night’s rest. I proceed ritualistically, take three palm fulls of the salt and toss it onto the base of the tub making sure the salt also falls over my feet just as much as under them. The warm water ran over my shoulders and down the length of my back. The water took the shape of my natural curves of hips, thighs, and calves all the way down to my feet. I turned my face toward the water and allowed it to rinse the front of my body. As I connect to the water. I thank it and ask the water to assist me in clearing the fields of my body and washing away all energy that is around me and in me which I no longer need and that is not mine allowing the fresh and revitalized energy to enter. I charged the water with the invocation of the Violet Flame which is an alchemy tool which clears energy. I have referenced the Violet Flame in the blog Becoming Independent. I will write more about the Violet Flame in upcoming blogs.

The Violet Flame is an essential “tool” of light and energy we can access and have the ability to learn how to use it. It’s directly related to your Divine Spark within your heart center. It can aid in healing Body, Mind, and Soul. It has the ability to assist you in transmuting negative energy and liberate your heart and soul from blocks and rejuvenate you on a cellular level. It’s quite purifying. Like any tool, one must have reverence for its sacredness, and use it wisely with honor and integrity. This is part of self-mastery and yielding power. One must know when and how to use it. Think of Thor’s Hammer. Not just anyone can yield his hammer. While the Violet Flame is accessible for everyone to yield its power, it’s the qualities within the person that must also match the ability to use the flame. I suggest beginning with small steps to resurrect the light and integrate its energy into your system.

As I continued my morning, I dried off my body from the shower, put on some jeans, shirt, and jacket. I called Gus and we went on a morning walk. He was so sweet. He wanted to bring his bone with him. I gently removed it from his mouth while focusing his attention on a treat. I placed his bone on the doorstep, and we headed for the gate. Awe, sweet Gus, still looking back at his bone while also excited to go for a walk. I told him, it will be there waiting for him. I had no doubt, spirit was calling me awake this morning without excuses. I figured, there’s “work” to be done. I could feel people, spirit, and my soul waiting for me to make the next steps. What that looked like remained to be unseen. I had to move into action. With that in mind, Gus and I walked through the threshold of the gate and off into the darkness of the morning we journeyed.

It’s an enchanting time of the morning. It’s when all life appears still. I watched Gus forage among the landscape as I watched the plants and trees become more alive. The leaves gently moving, I could feel the elementals beginning to do their work protecting the plants as the sun began to rise so the morning dew would not burn the leaves. Sometimes, they will show themselves to me, but mostly I just feel their presence. Occasionally, they catch Gus’s attention and play with him by telling him which plants are good for him to use when he has ailments. This morning he went for a certain type of grass that I believe assists him in digestion. Once, I witnessed him bite a plant to break it open for its nectar. He then rubbed his body against the milky white juice of the plant. This was at a time when he was recovering from surgery, when he was having a complication after he was neutered. He was deliberate and purposeful in his actions. I later looked up the healing properties of the plant, and well, it certainly matched what his body needed. It boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the plant, but I do remember what it looks like. It’s a very common drought-resistant plant used in landscapes here in the Bay Area.

As I continued walking, my memory resurrected that there is purpose in all the things the unseen world presents so long as I remain open-hearted. The wisdom of the world patiently waits to be acknowledged, observed, and for us to join in the flow. I am reminded of the sacredness to life and what life can show me instead of what I can show life. It’s this peaceful dance of service to the planet as she nourishes me and all living creatures.

The planet is often referred to as Gaia, some consider her to be the angel that holds the planet in her hands. Gaia has a consciousness all her own and it’s deeply embedded in all of life. How might we honor the sacred and safe passage she provides along our journey in life? As you connect with Gaia, she will reveal herself to you. Raising awareness, she reminds us we are an active participant in her journey just as much as she is a participant in yours. Feel free to listen to my latest radio show on the Transformation Network, Ascension a Humble Awakening of the Heart, where I speak about Gaia and how foundational she is in supporting the journey of the soul.

For now, I leave you with this quote about Gaia:

Put your ears to the ground, to the sky, to the sun and the moon… tune in to Mother Earth’s sweet song. She has messages to say, knowledge to relay, inspiration to convey, there is much for you to learn. Your Journey Has Begun.

–Melody Lee

Soul Inspired Reflections with Gina Lobito: Ascension; A Humble Awakening of The Heart: Importance of Connection to Gaia and the relationship with Your Earthly Embodiment and Physical Body.


Gina Lobito
Gina Lobito
I AM Gina Lobito. I offer Bodywork, Coaching & Workshops to support you navigate Ascension and Spiritual Awakening with a focus on Self Mastery. During my 14 ½ year career in Law Enforcement, I witnessed this interesting evolution. New hires would go from excitement and openness to loss of compassion and a hardened exterior. I also witnessed myself do this same transformation. It did not feel good in my body and being. I remember saying to myself, “I do not want to lose compassion for life!” Wow! What a VOW I just made to bring Compassion to the world. Little did I know this VOW activated a spark within my heart, which now I would describe as my SOUL’S calling. I stepped on a Path of Self Mastery. This calling has evolved to support others develop Foundational Skills to navigate their Awakening Process. Every soul will go through an Awakening Process in Divine Time. The experience of the Awakening is unique to each soul and is infinite I now realize opening my HEART and SOUL transformed the way I experience life. Self-Mastery is an infinite continuum of soul evolution, heart-opening, expansion, and awareness you are part of the whole of life. Directly connected to the universe and primordial light. The expansion of the Heart bridges the Mystical and Physical worlds, using the physical body as a conduit to support the ascension of the planet and universe through the Soul’s inner journey of Ascension and Self Mastery. I believe every SOUL has a unique sound and purpose waiting to be cultivated and ignited and expressed. The Age of Transformation and Illumination is NOW. It’s time to experience life from your SOUL and the power of your Higher And collaborate with life more fully. Certifications: Certified Bodyworker, Advanced Crystal Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Nature Connected Life Coach, and Advanced Student of Self Mastery. Education: Diamond Light School of Massage Healing Arts; San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork; The Power Path School of Shamanism, Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy; Seven Sacred Flames Wisdom School; Earth Based Institute, and Amanda Ellis’ Angelic Celestial Colors Metatron Healing Level I.; CSU, Fullerton BA in Criminal Justice.

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