Dads Of The World

Father’s, I want to have a talk with you. I think you need to know just how important you really are in the lives of your offspring. When you plant the seed of life that comes into being you have helped create a body, a mind, and a soul and until your dying day, they are your responsibility.

Little people don’t come into the world with a set of instructions for you, they come pure at heart. They were genetically created by you and the partner you planted your seed with to make them. Fathers are the foundation from which they will learn how to be good men and women when they are grown.

Fathers are men of strong moral character, gentle in all ways, firm in their love and devoted to learning what it takes to be a great father.

Today more than at any other time in history our children are being born alone. Take heart and listen closely. If you are not there to guide them and plant your love for them in their hearts they will stay alone and grow up willy-nilly to create havoc in your life and everyone’s they touch. Why? Because you, their father, were too busy for the little things, the important stuff that makes a little boy into a good man so he can go out into the world without a wounded spirit or a lovely little daughter that will one day pick a man just like you to plant in her a new seed of life. Be a good father so when the time comes the one she chooses to marry will get on his knee for no other girl except to tie the shoes of their own daughter.

How you say can I do this? My father was a drunkard that beat the crap out of me and my mother. I have no skills to be a father. Well now, don’t beat your wife or the mother of your child or children and don’t be a drunkard. I heard of a father distanced from his son because of a mother that chose every avenue to break contact between him and his son. Every year on Mother’s Day he sent her flowers. When asked why would you do such a thing after all she has done to you he responded, “because I want my son to grow up to be a man of good moral character”.

Your children are not bargaining chips for either of you to use.  You don’t have to like it but the life you were there and helped create will love you for the doing of it.

Another excuse I have heard over the years from fathers that have little to no contact with their off-spring is; I married a bitch, we’re divorced, she uses the children against me. You men that are father hear me well as I’m going to tell you the truth of it. You should not care if you have to swallow rotten eggs whole for breakfast every morning until your children are grown, be kind to the bitch that bore your children because they need you. You must have done something right to get her to take her panties off in the first place so play nice. Your children are not bargaining chips for either of you to use.  You don’t have to like it but the life you were there and helped create will love you for the doing of it. These little ones know more than we adults give them credit for. You will be getting back one hundred fold for the gift you give now to make your children into good men and women by your example.

Just recently I had a conversation with a father who was divorced and his wife remarried. Her new husband makes more money than he does. This man is bitter because he feels the two are trying to buy his children away from him with fancy gifts and picture perfect vacations and such. To make matters worse he’s expressed his feelings with his children when he sees them. It’s a war of words and this man is losing his children because he can’t keep his big mouth shut. We talked for some time on the matter and at least I hope he understands children grow up and when you are old sitting around rachet-chawing with them it ain’t the bought stuff they are going to remember.

Trust me on this one. My daughter remembers stories I told her that made her laugh, giggling over an ice-cream cone and the sound of my voice, the voice always loving and encouraging her. It doesn’t take money to teach a child the names of trees or find a fishing hole to throw your pole in. My daughter and I spent day trips at the beach with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Kool-Aid to wash it down.

I haven’t yet addressed the deadbeat father’s. You know who you are and you know that you are seed planters with no remorse or love in your heart for anyone other than yourself. You might want to ponder this; on your death bed when you call out for your children to forgive you they will come more out of curiosity than anything else. You may even get the words that you are forgiven because by nature all children so desperately want to love and be loved by their parents, father’s especially. You might also want to ponder one last thought. God’s watching you and he knows you by name.  Now would be a good time to man up before it’s too late and dig ditches if you have to so that your children have food and shelter.

Lastly to the wonderful Father’s that dwell among us, those caring loving men of good moral character understanding that you have become what you always wanted to be, a Dad, I salute you, each and everyone one of you.

Pass the knowledge on!!


Arlene Switzer Flynn
Arlene Switzer Flynn
ARLENE retired from a long and extraordinary career in real estate, both residential and commercial, followed by ownership of her own mortgage broker company. She is a member of Who’s Who for Executives and Professionals in America. She returned to her ‘”forest” with thoughts of retirement, and a new love entered her life – writing. Her first novel “Buzzard’s Glory” hit the market running, and the sequel is hot on its trail. She also writes short stories of humor, old sage advice and inspiration.

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