Cybersecurity “Hacked Again” & Women in Digital Universe


Regardless of the media’s incessant worship of the new “Zucks”, and the President’s desire for “every kid to code”, there is something to be said for an individual that views themselves and their efforts as a part of the bigger picture. Louis D. Lo Praeste

Striving for knowledge brought me beyond the horizons of discernible. Herzlichen Dank! to my publisher BIZCATALYST 360°, so big-heartedly edited by Mr. Dennis J. Pitocco, who, I believe is turning undiscovered talents into international success stories. Who feels the Reader! And by that I mean people who want to read … Herzlichen Dank und viele Grüße to all my readers worldwide!

The word ‘unprecedented’ seems too weak to convey just how much the dimensionless operational space of digital (r)evolution requires instantaneous reaction.  ‘Common sense is not that common’ anymore for naked human eyes and brains. Unlike human intelligence and ability to adapt and learn, technologies accelerate toward speed of light.

Opposing Oscar Wildes’s: “The public have insatiable curiosity to know everything, except what is worth knowing”, I would love you all to, please, enjoy a good anecdotal evidence that ‘The world’s best cyber army doesn’t belong to Russia’.

Why Has Romania Become Hotbed Of Hacking?

With hope to create and scale globally an inclusive ‘authors-publisher-readers’ circle of wisdom and expertise; with channelled determination to gain understanding by carefully selecting the best information sources (Dis moi où cherche! Mais où?) and reading between the lines, multiplied by expressed interest for knowledge sharing by the industry experts, and as part of our ‘Top Cyber News’ extended roundtable series; Charles (Chuck) Brooks and I brought in one-of-a-kind ‘Man on the Arena’ – leader, relentless scientist, engineer, innovator, cybersecurity expert on TV & radio, and author Scott N. Schober, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Berkeley Varitronics Systems. For over 40 years, Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS) has provided design and consulting services for the wireless telecommunications industry. Internationally, BVS has wireless product distributors in over 40 countries spanning 6 continents for a true global presence.

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Cyber Security & Wireless Expert at Scott Schober LLC, Scott has lectured and presented extensively regarding cybersecurity and corporate espionage at numerous conferences around the globe. He has recently overseen the development of several cell phone detection tools used to enforce a “no cell phone policy” in correctional, law enforcement, and secured government facilities.
Scott holds numerous patents and has developed more than 50 tools and products that protect and maintain the integrity of information security. He is often seen on ABC News, Bloomberg TV, Al Jazeera America, CBS This Morning News, CCTV America, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, Fox News, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, MSNBC and many more. His precautionary advice is heard on dozens of radio stations such as National Public Radio, Sirius XM Radio, Bloomberg Radio, and The Peggy Smedley Show.
Scott has been interviewed in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Success, NY Daily News, Newsweek, USA Today, and The New York Times. He is the author of “Hacked Again” and writes, “In a modern digital world no one is safe from being hacked, not even a renown cybersecurity expert.”[/message]


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Dear Chuck and Ludmila, thank you for inviting me to share my thoughts in this innovative ‘Cyber News’ Roundtable. I am so pleased to participate in such a discourse regarding such an important issue. It is wonderful to see Ludmila successfully bridging a gender gap in our industry. I read your articles and I am first impressed by the sophistication and sense of weightlessness with which you describe some complicated scientific and technical concepts, imparting an understanding of complex ideas with simplicity and clarity. Elegance and artistry is indeed a rare combination in writing on science and technology. You and Chuck present a balanced view of the issues and competing priorities while elucidating a 360 degree strategic change agenda. Respect![/message][su_spacer]

Q. for Scott Schober: Wanted! A BrainNet! An artificial brain! An alternative? Artificial brains controlled by women! Smiling! ‘The gender gap in cybersecurity can, and should be closed’, states Charles (Chuck) Brooks. According to research by Penn Schoen and Berland (PSB), nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of teens have never considered a career in engineering. In another research study by Girl Scouts of America, only 13% of female teens say a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related career would be their first choice.  Why?

A. I appreciate that you brought up this question. I have a young daughter in middle school and recently had this discussion with her and if she could ever see herself working as an engineer some day? She excels in mathematics and is now going into her second year in advanced placement math. My son is three years younger than my daughter and has always expressed a natural interest in engineering. While it’s fine that my daughter is still undecided, children should be provided with all the tools and support to make informed career choices without being pushed too hard in any one direction. They should make their own choices with full support from their parents and peers.

I went to college (Kean University & New York University) for computer programming with strong focus on math/physics/electronics.

I sit on the cybersecurity advisory board at Kean University and strive to bring more women into the cybersecurity & STEM careers. Most females are not encouraged to ever consider a path in engineering. Within my own company, there have only been a handful of female engineers over the years that we have employed. I recently posted a job for a Senior Software Engineer on and and received over 50 resumes. Out of those 50 resumes, there was not a single woman who applied for the job. This anecdotally tells me there is a real shortage of women in the job market for software engineering and the broader tech industry too.

Within the cybersecurity work force, there is also a shortage of women, but I am noticing a positive trend with recruiters targeting women in cybersecurity including events and awards that recognize women for their achievements in that field. As business leaders and those in the engineering community, we should welcome more women and overall diversity in the workplace to fill this vital gap. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s also good business to cultivate diversity which leads to ideas and discussions that could have otherwise never occurred.



Ludmila Morozova-Buss
Ludmila Morozova-Buss
LIKE MOST PEOPLE Ludmila's resume is something less than a straight line. In fact it resembles a long country road with many turns, which in this case, is a good thing, as it includes 20+ years of professional experience in a number of different cultures in Europe, Asia, and the Unites States of America. Equipped with an MS in Mathematics, her personal life philosophy and career shifted after two pivotal events, obtaining a Certification in "Banking and Financial Management” at the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, Washington, DC and; her first trip to the United States of America in 1996. Sitting in the front row of her life or taking a train in the opposite direction, Ludmila lets U-turns, contrasts and detours bring her thoughts into perspective. As a world traveler the East, West and South influenced and shaped her character and her beliefs along with her professional and human qualities. Tornados and stillness of events. Heat of Tashkent and cold of Moscow. Extremes of fears and tears and joys of finding the only right decisions of Mathematical Analysis problems and looking at the eyes of her beloved children… Ludmila is a Ukrainian native, living in Berlin, Germany. As the World’s news shaker for Europe for centuries, Germany now is the center of attention again. Which is why Ludmila steps into the stream of the news – believing that the facts speak the most precisely and the most convincingly. Her promise is for us all to get to know these facts from her first-hand perspective across Germany. With no political or religious affiliation in Germany, Ludmila’s interests intersect in business strategy, education, technology, entrepreneurship, markets and the rule of law. In this series of short essays, she welcomes everyone’s perception of success.

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  1. Hi Ludmilla,
    Great article! It particularly interested me because I teach a Gender and Diversity Management Course at a “Hochschule” and your article highlighted the gender gap in STEM careers. We have been a bit of time taking a look at this in the course.

    Thank you for good “read”!