Creativity Is Whipping Ideas and Resources

I wonder when I read complaints that “we failed because we were short of resources”.

This wonderment arises from my knowledge of the fact only twenty-two amino acids. However, they combine to produce millions of different proteins with different properties and shapes such as globular and linear.

From few resources, they produce abundance.

Creative management is to have few resources and turns them into abundance.

The problem is when resources are inactive and not ready to link with each other that we complain of shortages of resources. This is one part of the problem. The second part is the management mishandling of resources.

Teams do not need too many ideas to work on. More, teams need active ideas that they may share and whip or fry them to produce many ideas that are more possible.

Whipping ideas or frying them is similar to whipping eggs whites or frying eggs albumen and yolk. The globular proteins in eggs upon whipping or frying produce omelets of different qualities.

Upon frying, for example, the energy causes these proteins to move around to collide with each other and decline the bonds between the different protein strands.  Eventually, the globular structure starts to unfold. This process allows the strands of proteins to bond with each other and coagulate.

Coagulation of egg whites changes them from transparent to opaque as the egg with more frying.

Are employees different in their behavior? Instead of being transparent with the management, they turn opaque and lose their transparency.

Mechanical whipping does the same. Management should realize that if they have even few employees these humans might react in surprising ways to lessen their stresses. They may combine into shadow groups and these groups may unite to produce opaqueness and keep management in the dark.

Creative Management

Creative management does not complain about limited resources. Instead, creative management thinks differently and focuses on the possibility of activating employees. This way, employees become more alert to experimenting and finding new solutions. As if twenty-two amino acids are able to produce millions of proteins, so employees can do.

It is not the lack of ideas. It is the lack of the proper whipping of ideas. It is the tendency to keep what worked in the past intact. Employees do not engage in whipping their ideas for management wants to keep what proved successful before.

Whipping of ideas provides surprises, new connections, emerging properties, unique properties and is a journey of discovery.

Do not tell me how many ideas you have. Tell me how much freedom you allow for these ideas to bond to each other.

Creative management can make possibilities far greater than the resources they have. Creative management Knows when to “break” the eggshells so that the flow of ideas, mixing them and whipping them or frying them becomes possible.

Creative management is turning scarcity to abundance by creative ideas and approaches and allowing enough flexibility to allow for mixing and whipping of ideas and resources.


Ali Anani
Ali Anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.

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  1. In today’s increasingly complex market, companies must be able to systematically create opportunities to introduce discontinuities (of product, service, process) with respect to the past. The ability to generate original ideas is therefore a fundamental asset to support the company’s processes of change, adaptation and innovation.
    However, the creative process is not a process that can be completely out of context: in fact, creativity improves in a group!
    If ideas are the basis of every change, then the key to innovation management lies in stimulating creativity. How? It is necessary to nurture a cultural structure that develops and amplifies this attitude in the way of approaching work, for managers and for every figure involved in the processes. It is necessary to create a cultural background where the proposal, the comparison, the circulation of ideas become a corporate modus vivendi. Create communities that address specific issues, with open questions that give the opportunity to give a voice to anyone who may have a key role in the company. In this way, mechanisms are triggered where ideas are born and where solutions to problematic situations can emerge.

    • Thank you Aldo- I am in agreement with you and your great suggestions.

      Your explain the conditions and setups that allow for not only the generation of creative ideas, but also for whipping them together with a tolerant culture that do not mock creative ideas because of their unfamiliarity.

      I shall consider writing a post in reply to your outstanding comment.

  2. Yes, and persistence gives us the opportunity to rethink and correct and then move on.

    I cal this Cynthia Ann Leighton-ideas build on.You have one idea an after 30 days let us assume you have just ten ideas. If these ideas whip each other magic could happen.

    You are right my friend.

  3. Ali, you are right to say that you can turn scarcity into abundance.

    Each of us, by our action, creates value.

    To get greater value — our daily practice and skill building allow us to create greater value.

    Daily action leads to an ability to eventually create great value.

    With persistence. And feedback from real people!