Creative Outlet Session #1 – Be Curious

Be C U R I O U S… about everything.

What makes you curious? Are you the type of person that tends to keep your interest focused on things you know rather than wandering into the unknown? In order to activate our curiosity, we should be looking to expand our interests! A nice way to do this is when you hear someone talk about doing something that sounds different and fun…ask questions!

For example, if a friend tells you about this new workshop she attended and she is raving about how much fun it was … instead of thinking to yourself; “this is not for me, or,  I wouldn’t be good at that”, BE curious and ask her to tell you more about it. Even if this doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy doing, you won’t know until you try!

 5 Tips for Becoming More Curious

Ask questions: When we ask questions, we’re creating an opportunity to discover and innovate!

✅ Consume content that’s outside of your comfort zone: When you come across content that is unfamiliar, do basic research as it will spur you to want to know more.

✅ Listen without judgment: When in a conversation, take the time to truly absorb what the other person is saying, it’ll be easier for you to formulate questions.

✅ Embrace the unexpected: I learned that surprise can actually drive our motivation to learn, so embrace the unexpected and celebrate whatever the outcome.

✅ Think of ways to play: Be curious about what we did as kids to play for such long hours! Get some craft going and look at how your kids just go for it…dodon’t overthink it…just do it ?

When you spend precious time worrying about the past, you don’t give yourself a chance to be curious about the future. So when your thoughts start going to that worrying place, quickly catch yourself and try to focus on a fun project you are working on. A fun project you can do is to buy a few small canvases and sponges. Dip your sponge freely into your favorite metallic acrylic and add as many dots as your heart desires! Grab an acrylic marker and write a quote or an inspirational word. Keep it in a place you’ll look at it often to remind you how being creative will always get you out of a funk!

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

~Albert Einstein
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Nathalie Villeneuve
NATHALIE loves to weave self-expression, art, and faith into her message to help women cultivate their creativity. She defines herself as a free-spirited women devoted to Christ and blessed with a loving family. Nathalie has a background in Fine Art and Graphic Design. She presently owns Pause and Paint and holds workshops and fundraisers where she helps women create art while raising their self-esteem. Nathalie's award-winning work speaks volume and has been shown in various galleries, as a greeting card line, and recently published a coloring devotional book entitled "Lord Help Me To Flourish". You can't help but relate to her "Emotion on Canvas Art”!


    • Thank you Kat, I am looking to expand my interest as well. I love art and teaching and painting but lately I am really involve in learning about nutrition. I now want to find creative ways to bring my new found knowledge and help people <3 Thanks for for comment!



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