Creating The Most Magical Living Room

The Living Room is one of the main environments of the house, it is the place where the family meets daily for different social activities, so a good design in both floor plans and interior decoration will achieve that this space has the hierarchy that corresponds to it.


Design of rooms and building elements

  1. Double height rooms, double-height rooms are usually designed in warm areas, such as facing the sea, visually it appears to be larger and a fresh and pleasant environment is achieved.
  2. Rooms with a visual inside, when you do not find good visuals outside the house, you can design a room with a view of an interior garden, you can also design this type of living room to protect yourself from the noise of the streets in large avenues.
  3. Rooms with good visuals, if you have a park in front of the house or better yet the sea or a lake, it is best to orient the living room towards these places to achieve a pleasant visual for the occupants.
  4. Constructive elements in the rooms, the material used for the construction of the house such as concrete and stone can be used for the interior decoration of the living room, the same elements that we see on the facade of the house should be replicated with some details inside.

Choosing a style

Before choosing your style, you need to consider a few factors, such as the interior company and the labor associated with the change. What are the costs, do you need any kinds of contractors? Do you need to look at a drilling contractor and other things to ensure you can achieve the style you want?

Minimalist Style

One of the most used for its versatility and variety of options is the minimalist style, which plays with geometric elements and furniture in white, black and gray, modular furniture, materials such as lacquered wood, monochrome granite or tile floors, metal and glass is very common in the design of minimalist rooms, in simple walls and decorations.

Retro style

Another style that is very much in vogue today is retro, where the norm is to play with elements with an aged appearance, such as wooden furniture, trunks, and armchairs, in harmony with elements of antique designs in bronze and ceramic such as floor lamps, coat racks, and vases, combined with raw wood walls and modernist paintings. This type of room design generally includes vintage-style furnishings and elements, creating spaces with a feeling of frozen in time.

Modernist style

On the other hand, if your tastes lean towards the rawness of materials, the modernist use of wood, stone, and leather will give you the solution. In this room design, wood prevails over other materials, floating wood floors, solid wood furniture, combined with armchairs and rawhide furniture, decorative stone objects such as vases and wall lamps, ivy intertwined in a wooden wall with raw rock wall lights, a glass wall overlooking the garden and natural light will give it an aspect very close to nature, where you can reach moments of inspiration rarely achieved in other spaces of the house, ideal for sitting down to write your projects.

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