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Change is an individual experience in both time, space, and impact (it’s highly emotional at its core).

Our cardinal target of driving change programs is attempting to manage the “Change curve” most often from an organisational perspective (accumulative). Organisations being open complex adaptive systems the change is an expression of individual output and outcomes – it is interaction-based on all levels of the organisation.

Building on the knowledge about the change curve and enriching the organisational perception of change with findings in “Does a performance dip always occur during organisational change?” and before mentioned emotional regulation course an important common change perception and understanding was built – illustrating the reality of change for the individual.

What reality of change looks like on an individual basis

Fig. 3. What reality of change looks like on an individual basis.

Instead of running along the average curve and “ignoring” individual change an early and continued effort enhances chances for success, the level of success and shortens the time to success (change curve – managed/unmanaged) – it shortens the lead time from output to outcome. As a spin-off, the client now draws upon a general Emotion Regulation course and regular specific coaching/consulting within that field for all employees (another service provided). Openly recognising the individual nature of emotions and providing tools for understanding reaction and regulation mechanisms as it addresses the core of the human constitution.

Bonus effect from the joint effort

Another bonus spin-off was not anticipated. The Oxford Review provides services and products within the People and Organisation space and drives membership communities of practice and hence also concerned with organisational transformation in relation to both IT and Digital transformations. From several research briefings within this space and involving a specialist practitioner from the community, the program developed a refined and specific to context definition of digital-enabled and IT-enabled elements in the transformation program. Further, it formed the basis and structure of the client’s Digital Strategic direction in terms of Digital Guiding Principles:

  • Digital Vision
  • Digital Mission
  • Digital Policies
  • Digital Targets

Enabling a focused work effort of designing, defining, and developing a digital strategy incl. differentiating between elements and effects of digital and IT-enabled organisational transformation. (“What exactly is digital transformation and how does it differ from IT-enabled organisational transformation”. The Oxford-Review, vol.5, no.6, June 2020). Send me a message if you’re interested in a copy of the briefing.

Check it out:

Alternatively, send me a message or ping me I’ll happily elaborate my personal experiences

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