Creating an Abundant Life: Do You Have The Courage?

Abundance. Awareness. Choice. Decisions. Four common words that figure heavily in this book. We live in a world of Abundance. We must become aware of that. What we do with that understanding is a choice. Our decisions around that choice can create our abundant lives.

You know there’s a better, brighter, more abundant life waiting for you. Do you have the courage to create it? If you do, Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough gives you guidance, power, and permission.

We believe there’s an abiding power in your life that calls you to do that. This energy—the term we use is, ‘Universe’ —is bigger, more pervasive, and more directive than you can imagine. It’s available to you and to all of us for the task ahead, and if we’re to live full and abundant lives, we must embrace it. We believe this universal energy resides in all of us, that it IS us.

Captured above is the Foreword to our recently published book, Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough. In the second paragraph we write, Do you have the courage to create it? We focus on that section here because we’ve asked ourselves that question a lot recently. Why? Because our readers have responded in one of two ways to the idea behind the question. The responses are either skeptical, or fully supportive. There’s little gray area or overlap.

We live with what we call a Mandate to Elevate. For a number of reasons, we feel a necessity to lift others up, especially those who need it most. Because we’ve been given so much; because we enjoy the success of others; because we’ve been encouraged by so many others. In any case, the childhood admonition to do unto others etc. compels us to keep going.

Modern society seems to thrive on skepticism, wariness, even cynicism. Those of us in this community of writers, commentators, and pundits are dedicated to countering that negative view. Our friends Ali & Dennis Pitocco have dedicated a lot of their time and treasure to ‘doing good,’ as they say. Rachel Beck, Laura Staley, Zen Benefiel, Melissa Hughes, Kim Calvert, Ahmad Imam, Cory Warfield, Whitney Johnson, Diane Wyzga, Brad Burchnell, our contributors, and many others echoed the message of Journey Well.

When asked to contribute, they responded with a generosity of spirit, delivering words of abundance, awareness, choices, and decisions. In other words, the people who share our vision of a better, brighter world do have that courage, and they’re not hesitant to be public about it.

At this time in our troubled history, this altruistic impulse may seem quixotic, uninformed, or even naïve. To us, it’s returning to the basics, the simple, uncomplicated tenets of youth and a time with more clarity. It’s easy to dismiss the ‘good old days’ as blinkered, and unenlightened. But the time prior to the pandemic, for example, did hold a level of civility and common respect that seems to be absent in this polarized world. We don’t apologize for our desire to recapture those times, despite their admittedly narrow view in some areas.

Our book has been well received, but only in certain quarters. Because of the words we use, and the concepts we espouse in Journey Well we’ve become familiar with the concept of ghosting. In some quarters we’ve received the not-so-subtle message that we’re gullible, simplistic, and dismissive of reality. It has been, admittedly, a bit distressing to see certain friends and associates distance themselves. It raises questions, and almost, but not quite, discouragement.

We keep going. The response we’ve received from several directions has had an interesting effect on us. Instead of qualifying our words, or backing away from our simple, salutary message, we push harder, and with more determination.

We take this Mandate to Elevate seriously. We’ve been gifted so many good things in our lives that we consider it improper to dismiss the responsibility it entails.

So, despite the book’s selective reception, and the tepid response to its message from surprising quarters, we persist. It’s all we know, and that’s enough. The consolation and joy of it is this: There have been a number of readers who have found great comfort in the book and its contents. That knowledge is what keeps us pushing the message out there, embracing the branding that seems to come along with it, not chosen but conferred it seems. If we’re perceived as beacons of positive messaging, we’re good with that.

And the message to our readers is truly simple. Here it is: You Are More Than Enough.

Never doubt that your life makes a difference. And never believe that the world would spin along happily without you. You matter. We need you.

As we write in Journey Well, you have a unique gift, and you must share it with us. If that takes a bit of extra courage, borrow it from us, and you’ll be amazed at the support and gratitude you’ll encounter.


Mariah & Byron Edgington
Mariah & Byron Edgington
Mariah Edgington BSN, RN: Retired critical care and emergency nurse who integrated holistic practices, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Breathing Techniques, and Guided Meditation into her practice. Mariah found using these tools so effective that she used them with hospital staff to decrease stress and reduce burnout. After retiring, Mariah transitioned to mindset coaching. Due to her past experience with patients, families, and colleagues, she’s able to give clients the tools to grow and thrive. Maria is a Featured Contributor for BizCatalyst 360°. Byron Edgington ATP, CRMI: Is a retired military & commercial helicopter pilot, Vietnam veteran, award-winning author, Columnist for BizCatalyst 360°, and contributor for TravelAwaits Magazine. Byron is a former writer for The Iowa City Press Citizen. Byron has several publishing credits, including four aviation books, and several essays and articles. He graduated with a BA in English and creative writing from The Ohio State University at age 63 and is the 2012 Bailey Prize winner in non-fiction. Mariah and Byron have co-authored a new book that promotes their positive message of Owning Your Value, Claiming your worth, and Living a life of abundance. Titled Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough, the book, guidebook, and online course offer many resources for a brighter, better life.

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    • Eva Marie, many thanks for the response. We should never forget just how important we are as individuals. We do have a unique gift, and sharing it with others is why we’re here.
      Thanks for writing, Journey Well!