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We often think we have to wait and do something really big in order to make a difference, but I tend to believe we can create change by doing small but heartfelt actions. Create2Uplift is dear to my heart because It’s a way to take small but direct actions towards uplifting a woman in need…while being creative in the process. It’s a win-win.

  1. What cause is near and dear to you? What difference are you committed to making? I wish to help women who feel isolated and lonely. We often think we have to wait and do something really big in order to make a difference, but I tend to believe we can create change by doing small but heartfelt actions. Create2Uplift is dear to my heart because It’s a way to take small but direct actions towards uplifting a woman in need…while being creative in the process. It’s a win-win.

We can shine a light in someone’s day/life in very simple ways and the smallest gesture can create powerful ripple effects! That’s what Create2Uplift is all about!

2. Was there an AHA moment or is this something you were always interested in? In October 2017  I attended a Beth Moore conference with my Church. Nearly 2000 women gathered to worship God and hear her message. Hearing Beth Moore message was awesome and I found myself soaking the energy in the room. There was such a deep force rooted in this arena and I felt a sense of support and togetherness. It was truly a special experience. As I was leaving, I looked back in the room, still filled with thousands of joyful women, and I thought to myself;

How could all these women keep that joyful energy once they get home? I didn’t have an answer… just yet!

The idea of starting  Create2Uplift stemmed from an illustration I created during the event.  It’s a simple illustration but as I examined it more carefully, it made me realized that I have been an advocate for uplifting and empowering women for a very long time! I decided to use that illustration and started a YouTube Playlist called: Art Journaling – #create2uplift

3. Why are you passionate about this cause? I am passionate about Create 2 Uplift because it offers a way to actively help a woman in need through creativity. There are a few ways to use create 2 uplift:

✅ Watch the videos, print a few coloring pages and offer a colorful illustration to a girlfriend.
✅ Invite a girlfriend to color with you
✅ Share the create2uplift playlist with friends and spread the word about how coloring and being creative helps heal your soul
4. What do you do to support this cause? I create videos on YouTube where I offer tutorials on how to make pretty journal pages as well as coloring page that women can easily color and send to a girlfriend in need of a lift.  I post updates on social media and invite women to participate. I also facilitate painting and journaling workshops in the New England area.[su_spacer]
5. How has it helped you? What difference does helping make in your life? I remember a time when I  felt isolated and I honestly didn’t see it coming. Even though I was surrounded by my family, I missed the personal interaction with other women. I didn’t know what isolation felt like so at first I didn’t pay attention to these feelings and just kept busy but eventually, it all caught up with me.  I think many women experience isolation but like me, they brush it off. After all, there are plenty of other things to worry about. They don’t really realize they actually long for interaction with other women.[su_spacer]
When I started my Pause and Paint business 3 years ago it helped me find joy in connecting with other women. Sharing my love for painting and facilitating workshops locally made me come out of my shell. I just loved meeting new women and seeing the smile on their faces when they join the painting parties. I realized soon after starting my business that on top of sharing my love of painting I get a huge bonus of knowing I help women with isolation as well. We all need to gather and experience the energy we get from other women. There is so much more happening then just painting! It’s truly a gathering of joy!  Create 2 Uplift is an extension of Pause and Paint. It’s a way to reach out even further and have a similar impact in uplifting and supporting women through art, videos, coloring and connecting.[su_spacer]

6. How can others get involved? 

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1. Make a list of 2 or more women you would like to uplift.
2. Subscribe to my channel here: Paint With Nathalie
Start with this playlist. You will find the coloring pages inside the video descriptions.
3. Get some art supplies (or use what you already have) Find my recommendations HERE
4. Print your coloring & journal pages (watch videos & color with me)
5. Share your coloring page on Social Media using the hashtag #create2uplift and help us spread the #creativegoodness

Other hashtags: #strongertogether #creativegoodness #pauseandpaint


7. What is your secret to balancing work and giving back? I am always searching for balance.  I go with the flow between the demand of my Pause and Paint business and find time to record my free videos and share about Create 2 Uplift on Social Media and by talking about it. As I mentioned earlier, giving back starts with small but heartfelt gestures.

8. What’s Next? I am preparing for an art exhibit to take place in 2019. I also wish to have health/creativity retreats in the New England area and continue to grow my YouTube channel.

Listen to my “Divas That Care” Podcast here:

Last notes

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and my passion for creativity, meeting new women and offering painting workshops to uplift and support women! Please feel free to connect with me on other social media platforms or send me an email with any questions. I hope you get to visit my YouTube channel and start sharing coloring pages with other women. It all starts with self-expression… because creativity is within YOU!


Nathalie Villeneuve
Nathalie Villeneuve
NATHALIE loves to weave self-expression, art, and faith into her message to help women cultivate their creativity. She defines herself as a free-spirited women devoted to Christ and blessed with a loving family. Nathalie has a background in Fine Art and Graphic Design. She presently owns Pause and Paint and holds workshops and fundraisers where she helps women create art while raising their self-esteem. Nathalie's award-winning work speaks volume and has been shown in various galleries, as a greeting card line, and recently published a coloring devotional book entitled "Lord Help Me To Flourish". You can't help but relate to her "Emotion on Canvas Art”!

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  1. Natalie, you really live your truth. I have seen an art journaling video of yours and you are truly inspiring. You have inspired me to pull out my paints and create something other than digital art. As a lifelong artist I create with whatever I have on hand, but I have missed painting and you have sparked this desire in me again, thank you so much!

    • Oh really!!! That’s amazing! This makes my week!! I mean it! I truly live to hear comments like these Candi. I would love to see your paintings! Please share!

  2. Nathalie I absolutely connect with this from deep within my soul. One small act can start something amazing. Tapping into the creative side of our spirit is something we all need. I am excited to watch you on your journey.

    • Thank you for your heartfelt comment. I am also excited to follow you in your journey and see more of your art. You are so inspiring!

  3. Nathalie, your words ring so true concerning NOT WAITING to do something big, but rather realizing it is the small things in life that make the big differences. Welcome to the BIZCAT360 family. You are such an asset.

    • On behalf of the entire BC360°, I ditto Kat’s comments … Your words are already making a difference!

    • Thank you for the welcome! You are playing such a precious role this. I appreciate you more then I can say. Let all do small things and create a big wave in TWOFC and around us!

  4. Congrats Nathalie, love the article and what you are doing to bring joy into more lives. Love this question : What is your secret to balancing work and giving back? I think when we do what we love , igniting the passion from our heart there is a balance that comes when we give to ourselves first so then we have so much more to give to others and uplift love Suzie xxoo

    • Hi Suzie, That’s so true. I love so many aspects of my pause and paint journey. Create2uplift is an extension of what I receive from it. Thanks for your comment!

    • Hi Jane, I am glad you had this experience while reading my article! What a wonderful comment you shared! I usually hear comments like this from people while they are looking at my paintings! It’s truly awesome to know my writing had that effect. Thank you!