Crappy to Happy

–with Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos and Mike Pitocco

Have you ever noticed that good answers and good choices rarely occur when we are stressed out or in crisis mode? You cannot focus. You cannot find clarity of thought. You cannot rationally weigh the pros and cons. It is like trying to hold back the ocean during high tide. You are simply reacting to a situation you cannot change, alter, or win. Our cluttered mind then tells us we have lost or we failed. At this point, our lives are “CRAPPY.” So how do we go from CRAPPY back to HAPPY? My guests today are Kat O’Keefe-Kanavos, one of the primary authors of Crappy to Happy, and Mike Pitocco a contributing author. The book CRAPPY to HAPPY is being released today.

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Frank Zaccari
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Business/Organizational Development Expert - Key Note Speaker - 4x Best Selling Author - Radio and Roku TV host of Life-Altering Events and Featured Contributor BIZCATALYST 360°, US Air Force veteran. He is also the co-founder of the Wellness Connection (a series of wellness clinic that will be launched soon) Frank Zaccari- 35 years - Sr. Executive & business owner, a dynamic, engaging, and entertaining Keynote Speaker, 4x bestselling Author, Business Adviser, ROKU TV Show Host, VoiceAmerica host of Life-Altering Events, wrote and published 8 books, leads a workshop at Arizona State University; mentors Veterans, is a mentor and judge at University of California Entrepreneurship Academy. His "Business & Personal Secrets" series has produced three #1 bestselling books in twelve months. The most recent bestseller "Business & Professional Secrets for Getting Unstuck" (May 2022) is a follow-up to his other best-selling books in the series "Business Secrets for Walking on Water" (May 2021) and "Business & Personal Secrets for Avoiding Relationship Landmines." (November 2021). Frank provides long-term consulting with midsize companies to sustain success, scale, fund growth, pivot (dynamic change), and significantly improve profitability in a positive business environment. He re-enforces this consulting by providing both on-site and virtual workshops which expand on his Business and Personal Secrets book series. In addition, Frank and his team, are running public relations and marketing campaigns for authors, including ghostwriting services if necessary. This program has generated seven consecutive #1 bestselling books.


  1. Frank, what an honor and such a pleasure to be on your show, and with Kat O’KEEFE-KANAVOS! Being a small part of Crappy to Happy has been such a joy and continues to be a tremendous way to thank God, and my wife Sharron, and give them credit for some amazing transformations in my life and in my marriage. Thank you for inviting me as a guest on Life Altering Events. You made it easy (especially for a newly like myself) to get my story out…..like a fireside chat! An experience I will never forget.