COVID-19: Hair Loss and Greying.

Having noticed a few grey hairs over the last few years was no big deal, but the rapid growth of my greyness did not seem normal over the last 16 months. However, it seemed normal but strange to be laughing with a friend who also was greying faster than customarily expected. Then the conversation of COVID-19 came up about health issues. It was not until the next day, looking in the mirror, that the thought came up about grey hair being a side effect of SARS-CoV-2 infections or the vaccines.

My research indicated that hair loss, balding, and greying are being researched as side effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection and the vaccines. Although there are limited research projects completed on the topic today, hair loss and greying are concerns for a lot of people. These concerns will generate more discussions and research projects.

Listed below are research projects to review.

  • 2021 – COVID-19 and the human innate immune system
  • 2021 – What can the hair tell us about COVID-19?
  • 2021 – Evaluating the Regulation and Effect of Innate Immune Gene Expression on Melanocyte Biology
  • 2020 – Alopecia and grey hair are associated with COVID-19 Severity
  • 2021 – A response to “Male balding is a major risk factor for severe COVID-19”
  • Due to the lack of current research, it is critical to review research before 2020 to understand the relationship between COVID-19 infection, vaccines, the immune system, and hair loss and greying issues.
  • 2019 – Identification of Gene Variants Associated with Melanocyte Stem Cell Differentiation in Mice Predisposed for Hair Graying
  • 2018 – A direct link between MITF, innate immunity, and hair graying
  • 2018 – NIH researchers link graying hair and the immune system

After reading the above research projects among others a relationship between COVID-19 infections and vaccines affecting hair loss, greying hair and baldness exists. Other points to remember:

We all get old.

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of reasons, including stress and illnesses.

Greying hair can be associated with genetics, stress, and hair follicles producing less color.

Immune response to an infection.

Did the COVID-19 infection create my grey hair? No, I already had a few grey hairs.

Is my rapid greying due to my COVID-19 infection? Yes, after research, there is no doubt.

Should greying be concerning? No, grey hair is part of life.

However, I am concerned that a COVID-19 infection has compromised my immune system. The topic of an immune system compromised by a COVID-19 infection or from vaccines will need to be researched in the coming decades. Therefore, most concerns will have to wait for an answer, but a few will develop over the next 5, 10, or 15 years because that time frame is standard for vaccine trials to indicate side effects and effectiveness. If you are concerned, always speak with your doctor.


Dr. Jacqueline B. Lang
Dr. Jacqueline B. Lang
Dr. Jacqueline Lang MBA, MPA, MSED has 25+ years of leadership experience in various industries within Fortune 50, 500, 1000, and private organizations across the U.S. Along with exp. as a BUSN Professor, U.S. Congressional Campaign Manager, and proudly served in the U.S. Army Reserves. She is also a Partner & Board Member, Kiowa Cannabis and President/Founder,, a non-profit to empower women. An International Syndicated Columnist and Researcher of Women's Issues in multiple books and magazines as well as an Author, Amazon - COVID-19 A Mother's Journal along with other books. During her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two children.

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