COVID 19 – Daily Drives Day 11: Financial Wellbeing

–Managing what you think, say, and do

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.

~Will Rogers

For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. – Luke 12:34

Today, perhaps, think of this:

Be Teachable with Kindness Because people with thriving financial wellbeing buy experiences, and those experiences along their memories can last a lifetime.

Usually, one partner or person in the family is more spontaneous with activities and creating experiences that give freedom in spending money than the other partner, that’s okay, this is normal.

  1. If I am more naturally spontaneous and fun-loving, perhaps God united my partner and me together to help one of us loosen up helping to stay optimistic during financial twists and turns of life.
  2. If I am more naturally disciplined, perhaps God united us together to help one of us stay focused and disciplined. This does not include nagging or being contemptuous. Support each other with your financial and organizational skills.

Due to COVID – 19, getting out and about creating fun experiences might be a bit more challenging, you can do it!

Some creative fun memory producing ideas during COVID – 19:

  • ‘Ordering To Go’ – Themed Dining In meals – burger and fries might be like eating at a horse ranch. Everyone wears jeans, a flannel shirt, western hat and only eats with their hands, no silverware.
  • Creating a staycation – State Fair or Carnival – make homemade cream puffs, crepes, deep-fried cheese curds, corn dogs, chili cheese dogs, smoothies, or homemade funnel cakes with fun games like clothes pin drop and ring toss.
  • Watch the same movie at the same time while zooming with family or friends – Everyone makes and enjoys their favorite movie snacks and drinks.
  • Garden or work on a project together.

Action Step:

Do one fun activity for 2 hours each week for a month. Put away all distractions with a smile, hanging out with just your family or someone within your close circle of friends. This includes people of all ages and stages of life – consciously notice how your energy and relationships shift!

Blessings to having a heart of peace, being teachable with kindness,


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