COVID 19 – Daily Drive Day 4: Financial Wellbeing

–Managing what you think, say, and do

The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life, is what is important.

~Martin Luther King Jr.

Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful in zeal. – Romans 12:10-11

Today, perhaps think about this:

Be Respectful with Patience because if I or those whom I have strong relationships and love in my life are out of work, unable to work, refuse to work, or do not enjoy their work, I will need to be more creative to stay positive, patient, and optimistic.

Gallup defines Financial Wellbeing as how you effectively manage your economic life; it is the third of five essential elements in your wellbeing and living a flourishing life.

An optional and creative strategy is Co-Validation – being perceived as competent is essential for your flourishing wellbeing.

  • If you do not believe you are competent or hear someone else tell you that you are incompetent this though can have an unhealthy impact on your wellbeing. By creating a negative thought, that you are not good enough, negativity decreases your ability in living a flourishing life.
  • If you do not perceive others as competent and they hear you criticize rather than encourage, they may react negatively back, possibly projecting onto themselves or others incompetence. Which can have an unhealthy impact on their wellbeing, decreasing their ability in living a flourishing life.

Co-Validation can help

If you or others in your close relationship and social circles are not very good at giving an affirmation, perhaps they are also not very good at having empathy, Co-Validation helps could help.

Action Step:

  1. Being respectful with patience by encouraging, both yourself and others; sharing out loud daily 2-3 positive character qualities about each other.
  2. Say something positive about myself and say something positive about the other person at the same time.
  3. This builds conscious competence, builds energy, builds relationships, and increases one’s ability in living a flourishing life.


  • You: “Natalie, even though you do not have the job of your dreams right now, I am so proud of you for how you are working hard and being patient.”
  • You: “Even though I am not working in the job of my dreams right now, I am proud of my self, working hard, and being patient.”
  • You: “Tony, what a bummer you lost your job, wow, is that tough. I believe in you and believe your hard work in pursuing other job opportunities will pay off.”
  • You: “Even though I lost my job, I have been out of work before and eventually found another job. Being optimistic will help me cope until I find another job.”

TRIP: God believes you are competent! He believes in you! He is with you and he cares about you. In and through Him you have your strength!

Blessings in being respectful with patience, pursuing a heart of peace,


Sara Thingvold
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Sara owns her own business; Sara Thingvold, Professional LLC. She began coaching and training others when she was a sophomore in high school and started her own company in 2009. She is committed to encouraging and equipping leaders to develop their servant leadership and emotional intelligence capabilities at home and work. She began professionally collaborating with Mark Deterding, Triune Leadership Services in the spring of 2018. Sara is married to her husband Greg and together they have two wonderful young adult children, one son, and one daughter. Visit her website at Sara Thingvold.