Courage Lets You Help Others in Such a Time as This

In normal times, volunteering gives you a boost. But when courage lets you help others in such a time as this, what happens? You grow! Enough to reach another level as you make progress on your dreams.

And that’s because you stepped out of yourself. Because stepping out of yourself in ways that fit you in the moment guides you to flickers of brilliance. By flickers of brilliance, I mean little insights into where you are and how you matter as you make tiny differences.

One moment’s difference that matters could be as simple as your smile.

If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.

—Dolly Parton

For someone buried in something hard — your smile can break that pattern. And your smile can invite a fleeting connection that replaces being stuck with a realization of there being people all around who care.

How can you care in such a time as this?

So, one simple way is volunteering to do one thing. Have you ever volunteered? Because, yes, volunteering can be formal, through an organization. That’s the way most folks see it. And volunteering with an organization is great!

As a result of organized opportunities, many people volunteer who might be afraid to do so otherwise.

Indeed, often, it’s safer to volunteer to assist in that way. And yet it’s also possible to find other ways. Especially with friends and family!

Because in such a time as this, when social distancing is critical, finding other ways is necessary.

And you could set aside 15 minutes each day to pick up the phone and call a friend or family member. So, what happens if you get no answer? Because that’s possible. And maybe it’s likely! Well, how about preparing yourself?

And be prepared to leave a cheery message!

Because it’s okay to write down a 25-word or less practical example. So that you’re ready. Because that helps if you want to be efficient (or if you’re nervous). And you can stay as simple as saying ‘No need to call back,’ and let that person know something simple, “Just reaching out to say I love you!” As a result of being prepared, you might spontaneously add some other kind of appreciation that pops into your mind when you’re leaving your message.

And here’s a bonus: if that person answers and you connect, you boost yourself too!

Because you’ve volunteered to be cheery to lift another person. And that volunteering gives benefits. As a result, you tend to lift yourself up.

And if no one answers? So here’s the thing, see it as an opportunity. Because you may get to leave a bunch of cheery voice mail messages in that one session of 15 minutes that lift many people you care about. And your messages might mention that you’re praying for them (if you are). And as a result of starting to leave a message, you may find that you miss them. (So say so if you do!).

And yes, I’m doing these simple things.

Just thought to share! Because it’s simple. So you can do it readily, too. Some people are so excited to hear from me it’s astonishing. And you may find the same thing. Because right now folks are struggling a bit. And it feels good to make such a simple difference.

You may not have as many folks to reach out to as I do.

That’s okay. And there’s an easy workaround. Because you can go online… So here’s an “online” suggestion for you 🙂 Right now, one way to volunteer that can connect you with people is BizCatalyst 360°. (Yes, I’m a Featured Contributor on BizCatalyst 360°! More importantly? I engage with others on their posts.)

BizCatalyst 360° is a friendly place.

I invite you to my author page BizCatalyst 360 Cynthia Ann Leighton author. Read an article. Add your own response if you feel moved to do so. Who knows, you might be able to brighten someone’s day just by your simple response right now.

Writers write.

If you want to be a writer? Write. Because writers write.

Finding a friendly place to write is as simple as connecting with me on BizCatalyst 360° and looking for other folks to connect with too.

As per Dolly Parton: If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. Reach for the courage to smile . . . and to find someone to share an appropriate smile with.

And you’ll find, as I do, that courage lets you help others in such a time as this.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton
Cynthia Ann Leighton
Cynthia Ann Leighton guides folks to action. Emotionally worthwhile effort on bigger dreams! When you want to break through fear to joy and playfulness, choose an action. When you need to develop confidence and habits that make an impact, start small. Emotionally worthwhile effort is the most effective way to achieve your goals and get results. Cynthia owns Software Enterprise Limited.

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