Could Your Anxiety Be Related To A Lack Of Zinc?

Professional Women And Menopause

Why Your Anxiety May Not Be About You

Feel like your hormones are out of balance?  Zinc or foods that contain this mineral may be the answer. Many women experience symptoms like anxiety or night worries when their hormones and zinc are out of balance.

Zinc is powerful in helping with hormone production in older women nearing or in menopause. As a professional, you likely have more stress. Getting home-cooked highly nutrient food can be rough.

Zinc And Food

Making sure you eat a diet rich in zinc is important and so is supplementation to increase hormone production and keep you healthy. If you’re vegetarian, then zinc deficiency is a big issue for you. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 1 cup of raw spinach provides 0.16 mg of zinc. One cup of cooked spinach provides 1.37 mg of zinc.

Sounds great right?

The minimum RDA is 8 mg – way to low for a healthy body and brain. Our human body can only absorb about 5% from spinach. This means you’d have to eat about 116 cups of cooked spinach daily to get the minimum RDA. I’m not going to do it, are you?

Women and Menopause

I believe in easy primal weight loss and health. It’s the lifestyle I teach. It’s a nutrient-dense life. Food is our best source of minerals. The best food source of zinc in animal protein.

Now you don’t have to go wild.

I recommend about 4-6 oz. of protein daily. This plus lots of organic greens may supply you with almost enough zinc A disclaimer here, you don’t want to overdo any mineral including zinc. I recommend blood workup. Each lab has their own ranges.

What I find with Zinc and Lab Tests.

It is rare that a client doesn’t need more zinc. Even my Primal Weight Loss clients who are over 45 do better when we supplement. For one our ability to absorb vitamin D depends on zinc. A deficiency may cause resistance to Vitamin D.

Supplements are never simple. Food, cooking, and eating for health can be simple. Learning how to supplement is an interesting task. On that note, you don’t have to learn everything. Just know that zinc plays a role in hormones, it helps you absorb Vitamin D, and in anxiety.

Am I Zinc Deficient?

Early signs of deficiency are usually dry patchy skin. As the deficiency progresses, there may be acne and problems like a sore throat or diarrhea. Because of the relationship with D expect impaired wound healing and of course dysregulated sex hormones.

The overwhelming risk factor for zinc deficiency is a diet low in animal products and high in grains. If you eat grains, you’ll need to supplement zinc. The recommended animal protein is grass-fed or pasture raised. For Seafood, wild. Eat plenty of green vegetables preferably organic. Use a bio-available zinc supplement. Once daily on an empty stomach as long as you don’t have diarrhea or stomach issues. Then take it with food.

See a practitioner or reach out to our office. We provide by phone/Skype consulting or coaching along with our courses to help you age beautifully. Having anxiety may be related to zinc and the dysregulation of sex hormones.

Anxiety means lost sleep and productivity. This isn’t how menopause is supposed to be. You can feel young and be vibrant. Hormones out of balance aren’t your future is a bump in the road.



Dr. Debra Arko Novotny
Dr. Debra Arko Novotny
OUR HEALTH is important to our success as entrepreneurs and business professionals. Dr. Debra Arko Novotny L.Ac, D.Hom. NMP, CHC specializes in helping women not let health, aging, and menopause get in the way of life. As a professional herself, she understands the need for easy ways to cook and stay fit as we age. She’s an expert in weight loss and menopause. She helps women navigate their busy work and family lives. Her simple approach to changing our behaviors and beliefs has helped women for over two decades regain control of their health and life. Dr. Deb is one of the leaders in Body-Mind-Lifestyle Design. She is a Natural Health Practitioner and coach. Debra is an author and speaker in health and business. Deb practices what she teaches. Natural health, Primal eating, and designing your life. In her office, she provides Functional Medicine, Easy Primal Eating, Acupuncture, and acupoint injections [rejuvenative medicine]. Work with her in-person or virtually by via her Websites: Enhanced Living Today, or Denver Acupuncture Health. OR reach out to her by EMAIL or Phone | Office (720) 515-4602. She resides in Colorado with her husband and family.

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