Could Keywords Accelerate Your Company Content?

You don’t need us to tell you that marketing has changed over the last few years. Heck; life has changed, so it figures that business has, too. Now, every company needs an online and social media presence. As if that weren’t enough, marketing methods are an entirely different beast. Now, instead of advertising a product, companies have to provide content to gain leads. And, this content doesn’t always need to be promotional.

If the concept of this confuses you, you aren’t alone. The idea of content marketing is still relatively untested, but it’s gaining relevance every day. Many companies are now creating blog posts and YouTube videos which include no direct advertising. From the outside, this may seem backwards, but it makes complete sense when you delve into the issue.

In the modern world, content like this provides company credibility. It shows the personality behind your brand and creates an audience on a new footing. That’s important when you consider that credibility is everything in business. Among consumers nowadays, a company who aren’t delving into these mediums can seem suspect and unknown. And, that doesn’t lead to sales.

So, that’s why you need to create content like this. But, that leads us onto the question of how you promote it. You know all about traditional marketing avenues, but how does one go about getting a customer to read a blog post? One choice would be to share the post on your social media accounts, but this only provides limited reach. Instead, then, many companies make use of keywords to spread the message here.

Even keywords come into play in two different ways. For one, you can use them within your posts to boost their popularity and relevance. You can also use keywords as tags for your content before publishing. Either way, keywords could well be the answer to your success in marketing content. To prove that point, we’re going to look at a few of the leading reasons why.

Content which hits the bullseye

For the most part, these keywords have the practical purpose of ensuring that you only attract customers with interest in your content. This is beneficial in that it saves both you and the customers in question wasting their time. Keywords precisely help you to define what your content contains. It ensures that your post only appears to people who are searching those terms. That means that every lead this creates has a chance of coming to fruition. In a way, keywords are the bullseye for your business darts. You don’t have to send content out into the world with no knowledge of who will see it. You can perfect your shot by including keywords which mean you get it right each time. And, trust us, there’s nothing better than seeing high the high conversion rates which come from something like this.A step in the SEO direction

Even if you aren’t 100% with modern marketing, the chances are that you’ve heard mention of search engine optimization. In layman’s terms, this means how high up in search engine listings your content appears. This has significant sway on both the reach and returns you stand to see from your efforts. And, that means it’s a pretty big deal. Keywords come into play here for obvious reasons. By using keywords in your post and as tags, you increase your chances at high listings when people search those terms. Aside from that, you could use keywords to ensure you are appealing to search engines like Google. By taking time to select the right keywords, you increase your relevancy and thus get on Google’s right side. That, in turn, can take you right up to the top of the page. Of course, this would take some research on your part. Popular keywords and topics are often not what you expect them to be. If you attempt to guess at this, then, you might come away empty-handed. Lucky for you, using analytics tools as offered by a content marketing platform like Zag.ai is all it takes to get this right. Such tools allow you to analyse the popularity of content elsewhere based on things like keywords. And, by knowing which words are unlocking interactions, you’ll be able to tailor your content to meet those demands.

Reach out and touch this..new customer

Keywords, especially of the tag variety, are also a fantastic way to reach out to customers you wouldn’t find otherwise. That, in turn, can both accelerate your content and your sales. The fact is that a website is only relevant to those who know to search for it. People who are looking for your precise service may find you, but that could be quite a niche market at the moment. The benefit of content marketing is that it’s not tied up in what you do. A business blog post can talk about near enough any topic, as its purpose is to generate interest rather than promote. Admittedly, it helps if you can tie these topics back to your products. Still, you have a freer reign here than in most marketing. Of course, that free reign won’t do you any good if you’re only reaching your old customers still. That’s where keywords come in. By using these, you ensure that your content appears when people search for these terms, not just your field. You could say this is a whole new outlet to help your produce leads. The hope is that these people like what they see and look elsewhere on your page. In an ideal world, they’ll end up buying something. Even if they don’t, this is a win seeing as higher page views also work with the SEO we spoke about above.

If that’s not proof you need to tackle keywords, we don’t know what is. Next time you publish any form of content then, think both about the language you use and the tags you include. By using concise and relevant terms, you’ll have this right in no time.

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  1. Keywords will definitely boost your content in that they’ll more readily show up in search engine results. As you mentioned in your article, “By using keywords in your post and as tags, you increase your chances at high listings when people search those terms.”

    We always just have to keep in mind to write for people and not for the search engines so that we achieve results in two areas. Very informative article.