Corporate Communications Becoming Increasingly Social

Business communication is experiencing, in this period, a phase of strong evolution and revolution. Share, communicate, interact and socialize with your customers or possible ones: these are just some of the purely social 2.0 activities that many companies have already undertaken in recent periods.

First of all, it was Facebook, then Twitter but also Google+, the Google Places maps, YouTube, the latest Pinterest and so on. All tools that give us the opportunity to write and share but above all give users the opportunity to participate with actions such as “comments”, “likes”, “retweets”, etc.

Company management should, therefore, be aware that all these tools, if properly used, can help grow their business and increase brand identity.

Of course, it is not enough to create your profile on Facebook or Twitter and hope to have friends or followers immediately and see your business contacts increase without lifting a finger. Then a strategy is appropriate, a meticulous and constant use of these tools, a statistical monitoring activity and above all quality content!

Today it is not enough to have a website, maybe even a “nice” website, publish it and hope that customers will be attracted to it for some hidden reason. This did not work even a few years ago, let alone today that the number of websites abundantly exceeds one billion.

If we want our site, our brand and therefore our “product” to be found and chosen through the internet channel, we must “roll up our sleeves” and implement a strong and well-structured communication strategy.

Among other things, the proliferation of all these social networks, in addition to representing an opportunity in itself as already underlined, brings up another problem which is that of the originality of the content that we would produce.

If we really want to achieve concrete results, we must commit ourselves to producing always “fresh” and “different” contents according to each social network and not just a simple “copy/paste” of the article on several fronts.

Although there are conflicting data on the number of potential users or possible contacts, it is certain that we are still talking about significant numbers and contact opportunities that would be a crime not to try to exploit.

And this aspect should also make it clear to young people where to direct their studies to be found ready for new job opportunities.

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Aldo Delli Paoli
Aldo Delli Paoli
Aldo is a lawyer and teacher of law & Economic Sciences, "lent" to the finance world. He has worked, in fact, 35 years long for a multinational company of financial service in the auto sector, where he held various roles, until that of CEO. In the corporate field, he has acquired skills and held positions as Credit Manager, Human Resource Manager, Team leader for projects of Acquisition & Merger, branch opening, company restructuring, outplacement, legal compliance, analysis and innovation of organizational processes, business partnerships, relations with Trade Unions and Financial Control Institutions. After leaving the company, he continued as an external member of the Board of Directors e, at the same time, he has gone back practicing law and was a management consultant for various companies. He has been also a columnist for newspapers specializing in labor law, automotive services and work organization. His interests include human behavior in the organizational environment, to the neuroscience, the impact of new technologies, the fate of the planet and people facing poverty or war scenarios. He loves traveling, reading, is passionate about many sports, follows the NBA and practices tennis.