Core Thinking – A Blueprint For Success

Troy, a producer, choreographer, and hip-hop dancer, was at a crossroads in his life when he took the CTBP. He had worked his way to the top in the hip-hop world, performing for 1000’s of people only to crash under the pressure. His desire to get back on his feet and reinvent himself became his priority and the CTBP was a critical part of his rebound. Throughout the program, Troy uncovered a lot of his roadblocks, challenges, and reasons for his downfall. Bringing himself to a new awareness, shed light on why he was stuck. As the program progressed, the eight levels of Core Thinking emerged, and a definitive process was revealed within the program’s design. In the first three weeks, Troy worked to break away the old thinking and beliefs, the fourth and fifth weeks was building the foundation for his future and new thinking, and the last four weeks involved being creative, open-minded, open to change and implementing action steps (stepping stones) for movement forward and success.

A lot was discovered with Troy’s participation in the CTBP about himself, his leadership and how his thinking impacted what was happening in his life. He encountered many ah, ha’s that caused him to redirect his communication and emotional attachment to his experiences. He began teaching again and mentoring students, along with feeling more empowered to fulfill his vision of success. Troy’s current path is a work in progress, building and refining his life mission so his thinking is in alignment with what occurs on a daily basis.

Troy commented:

“In today’s fast-paced moving society, CEOs, executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs have all the tools they need for success. As we know, with great leadership, comes great responsibility. Taking the right steps to lead others to their personal goals can take a toll on your physical, spiritual, and emotional self. The Core Thinking Blue Print Program helps to balance these 3 major aspects of your business and career. As a teacher and business owner, I struggled with the feeling of not being able to run my business without losing the man that I am. Letting my emotions dominate over the task at hand that needed to be done. Implementing the stepping stones and other key aspects of this amazing program, I’ve been able to turn a class of 7 students to a full dance program in less than 3 years. I personally use the Core Thinking Blue Print model in my dance classes to help students become more well-rounded in their journey of life. As I’ve always said. “To Move, Is To Live. If You’re Not Moving, You’re Not Living.

High-speed internet, smartphones, and access to worldwide information is available at a press of a button. However, the humanity aspect can be lost through these channels and I found that Eileen’s Core Thinking Blueprint Program assisted me in navigating my own inner struggles with creating the success I desired as a leader and teacher.

The key points from the program that were and still are instrumental in my getting unstuck and moving forward are the stepping stones created as she coached me through each section of the Core Thinking Blueprint Wheel. I often refer back to my notes and the wheel for current challenges and reminders of what I learned, not only about myself but about those who are part of my experiences.

Creating the tools to achieve the theme for ultimate success is the foundation for this program. Planting seeds, Eileen sees the opportunities for growth in her clients and cultivates them to reach their highest potential. As I went through the weeks, it became apparent that I was developing a stronger presence, which gave me a deeper connection to who I am as a leader. This empowered me to be the best when working with my students and in return, seeking the best from them.

As an artist coming into experiences with corporate-minded individuals, I found myself clashing with them and not knowing why. The Core Thinking Blueprint Program opened my eyes to recognize this difference that was causing conflict. As my awareness improved and continues to enhance, I can see this challenge within me and now I have this tool to refer to for resolution.

Iron sharpens Iron…..sparks that happen when you have two pieces of metal coming together…..two opposing forces that meet to create a spark of light causing something beautiful as the end result. Working with Eileen as a student and then flipping it around being the teacher….a double edge sword emerged, whereby sharpening my tools with her and then using the application to test and sharpen my students. The process includes strengthening, focus, empowerment, and transformation.

The magnitude of the ripple effect increases as you progress through the program. Each ripple brings a new grounding wave of information that allows the student to prosper and regenerate their DNA to a level where they feel grounded on a daily basis.”

–Troy Burrell, Teacher, Choreographer, Producer

You work with individuals and teams. Please describe some of the applications to each.

When I work with individuals, I meet them where they are at the moment. Gaining a complete picture of their intentions and the end result allows us to work backward for putting in place strategic planning for success.

For CEOs:
Discover blind spots before performance causes devastation for a company. Understand conflict resolution – manage and channel conflict in a constructive way of getting to the root of issues, applying precision to the team’s thinking, and, ultimately drive the best outcome.

  • Leadership competency – motive and trait level qualities to distinguish excellence
  • Soft Skills assessment – motivation, compassion and positive persuasion

For Executives:
Leadership coaching that makes a difference and adds value in any given situation. Conversations are honest, challenging, authentic, compassionate and vulnerable to support professional development and personal growth.

  • Self- confidence building and authentic communication skills training.
  • Emotional Intelligence development and training.
  • Learning how to deal with difficult people.

For Managers:
Strong managers see the big picture, share the vision of the company and knows each team member’s contribution to the mission while inspiring positive action.

  • Leadership skills development.
  • Assessments for: Listening skills, Team building skills, Interpersonal skills, Motivational skills

For Entrepreneurs:
Pursuing one’s dreams is an opportunity to be successful on one’s own terms. What every entrepreneur can learn from those who have come before them:

▶︎ Execution is key, getting an idea off the ground.

▶︎ Have passion in an intense drive and strong conviction about the idea to push past this phase.

▶︎ Accepting failure as part of the process towards success helps to work with personal strengths to achieve the dream.

▶︎ Be a lifelong learner

▶︎ Risk taking is a part of being an entrepreneur

  • Strategy session(s) to lay out plans for success.
  • Follow progress along the way for successes and failures.
  • Creating a strong team to assist in reaching goals.
  • Monitoring confidence levels, ability to handle stress, and manage energy effectively

When I work with teams, bringing in group cohesion executing a win-win mindset allows for collaboration and cooperation, even if there are differences.

The Role of Leaders

Exceptional leadership skills are vital, as they are the key for everyone else down the line. Being a role model of excellence breeds success.


  • Leadership assessment, team evaluation of the leader, values assessment


The heart of teamwork where ideas are shared, brainstorming is the norm, and feedback is respected. Healthy communication includes clarity, proactive listening, best practice in methods of internal communication, less structured meetings for creative thinking and collaboration.


  • Communication Skills Development
  • Conflict Resolution Skills Development

Proactive Listening Skills Development

  • Team Building Exercises

Understanding the challenges that face a team, and use team building exercises to enhance the strength of the team. Learning each other’s communication styles, who is an aggressive, passive/aggressive, passive and assertive. The goal is for everyone to learn to be assertive, the best form of communication. The more often team building exercises are done, the longer lasting the results will become and the better cohesive the team becomes. The interconnection between members become more balanced and cooperation improves.


  • Based on the needs of the team

Clarification of the Purpose of the Team Project

Attention, enthusiasm, participation, confidence, and desire for success come from knowing a solid purpose and for each individual to feel a part of the team. Everyone is valued and just as important as the other. Discover the group’s consensus of the group’s “why” and the level of motivation will be exceptional. Regular review of purpose and progress keeps everyone aligned.


  • Questionnaire for each team member to complete
  • Team meeting for clarification

Focus on Strength

Learning from each other and sharing strengths empowers the team. Helping each team member to understand where they can shine and assign them tasks that match. If there is a known weakness and a team member wishes to shift this into a strength, then protocols are put into place for the transition. Learning tools, skills development, and core thinking training are options for each team member to engage with.


  • Questionnaire for understanding personal strengths
  • Review each team member’s strength in a group setting
  • Identify the different learning tools required for each team member


Creating an internal mentorship program/mentality ensures personal and professional growth. Setting up guidelines and processes for how this will be a part of the team’s efforts and success is a group decision.


  • Assign mentors for each team member
  • Masterminding session each month to review successes and challenges


Peter Cook
Peter Cook
PETER leads Human Dynamics, offering Business and Organisation Development. He also delivers keynotes around the world that blend business intelligence with parallel lessons from music via The Academy of Rock. Author of and contributor to twelve books on business leadership, acclaimed by Tom Peters, Professors Charles Handy, Adrian Furnham, and Harvey Goldsmith CBE. His blends his three passions are science, business, and music into unique inspiring keynotes based on the art of storytelling. His early life involved leading innovation teams for 18 years to develop life-saving drugs including the first treatments for HIV/AIDS, Herpes and the development of Human Insulin. 18 years in academia teaching MBAs and 18 + years running his businesses. All his life since the age of four playing music. Peter won a prize for his work from Sir Richard Branson after his mother claimed he was a Virgin birth. He now writes for

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