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I was privileged to interview Eileen Bild recently. Eileen is the CEO of Core Thinking, which helps people focus on the roots of their success.  A holistic approach to self and business improvement I was eager to find out where the roots of Eileen’s inspiration originated. My inspirational Q&A session is presented below.

Let’s begin by finding out what’s at your core? Take me through the significant moments on your journey to this point.

I will start at 6 years old and jump the timeline to those significant and impactful moments that have led me to today. Having been born with a 60% hearing loss, my sixth senses were heightened and as a child, I was not aware of my capabilities because of this handicap. I found out not too many years ago, my parents almost took me to a therapist because I had so many imaginary friends. Seems I had my head in the clouds a lot, lol.

I hid my hearing loss as best I could and learned to adapt to my surroundings and the many times I would not hear conversations very well.

I now know the lack of understanding the core of who I am, which is a highly sensitive and empathic person with the ability to go beyond the surface of thinking, seeing, understanding tapping into the sixth senses as a way of being, was not supported in a way to truly nurture and help evolve the human behind the gift. As a result, I shut down at age six and went about life, trying to fit in and be “normal.” I hid my hearing loss as best I could and learned to adapt to my surroundings and the many times I would not hear conversations very well. This caused me to internalize information, feelings and my understanding of the world I lived in. Writing and the creative arts became my outlet through which I could express and bring out the authentic me.

I went through my teenage years and adulthood up to now always being approached by others who were compelled to tell their life story or share their difficulties. Most times letting me know they have never told anyone or not sure why they were telling me at the time. At age forty I had an “awakening,” after self-healing from Fibromyalgia. This was an eye-opener to the parts of me that shut down at age six and were now screaming at me to be released and blossom into the woman I have become (still transforming into) today.

I realize that although I am hearing impaired, my connection with music goes deeper than just watching and filming, it is imbued with feeling music and the vibration where I am able to know a few seconds prior to when a shift will occur.

Along the way, I regained my sense of self and through the winding path of life’s journey, was led to getting my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, become a Licensed Massage Therapist, become certified as a Life Coach, and build a business helping professionals reach their highest potential and experience the success they desire. In addition, when my husband retired, we started a videography business filming live music performance by three-piece and larger bands, and solo/duo acoustic musicians. I realize that although I am hearing impaired, my connection with music goes deeper than just watching and filming, it is imbued with feeling the music and the vibration where I am able to know a few seconds prior to when a shift will occur. My timing with being in the right place at the right time is almost impeccable and I attribute my sixth senses to this success. This ability is also highly present when coaching and teaching.

My differences are a blessing and at my core is a strength mixed with grace, whereby, the uniqueness of my skills and abilities benefits others and creates extraordinary experiences. Transformation is immediate for all my clients and students, where they realize in real time effective changes that ripple outwardly.

What awakened you to the importance of personal development?

I was never very knowledgeable or had much information about personal development growing up. When I suffered from the Fibromyalgia and made a declaration to take back my life, self-healed and came out seeing the world through different colored glasses, personal development became my personal life purpose. As part of my healing, I worked with a friend who was getting his life coaching certification and needed someone to practice with. I volunteered and as part of our sessions, we worked towards defining my life purpose. I was very surprised when the following statement came through me, “I am a beacon of light to show people the way.” I knew there was something significant about this and have spent the time ever since exploring, researching, learning and sharing the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit, soul and life’s principles.

Personal development is key to joy, happiness, inner peace and one’s own definition of success.

If we stay stagnant, there is no growth. This leads to going in circles expecting/wanting a different result. Which then creates an endless cycle and pattern that can be very difficult to free oneself from. Being open-minded, having the gratitude attitude, evolving higher awareness and quieting the mind breeds creativity, the imagination and leads to innovation and experiences better than envisioned.

How did Core Thinking arise?

Through the years of coaching and teaching, it became clear that drama and people’s unhappiness was based on their core thinking and perspective. Communication is broken, relationships (personal and business) are fragmented, people do not feel heard, understood, or valued/respected, and can feel disempowered, as well as invalidated. This creates a breakdown in healthy outcomes where anger, frustration, fear, jealousy, and resentment become the foundation from which decisions are made and action taken.

When the opportunity to write for BIZCATALYST 360° came about, I decided to put my knowledge into articles under the title Core Thinking For High Achievers. When people read my articles, it seems to spark something within them and the comments indicate it has an impact on their thinking. I have been accused of making people think, lol.

The foundation of my coaching and business is Core Thinking and I build upon this theme with teaching/classes, my writing, mentoring and interviews with successful professionals, and speaking engagements. All that I have learned so far and my own personal development has culminated in the Core Thinking Blueprint Program. I realized it came through me from my creative mind and has become a powerful tool for transformation, communication and becoming the best version of oneself.

What is the essence of Core Thinking and how can people best access it?

The essence of Core Thinking is having an awareness of how the way we think, perceive, believe and respond to life is a direct reflection of our feelings and emotions attached to life experiences. When we learn to get out of our head and into the heart, using the power of the pause and communication skills we can make better-informed decisions and for those in leadership positions become exceptional leaders.

Something to consider is that life does not happen “to” us, rather it happens “through” us.

The Core Thinking Blueprint Program combines Alchemy and the principles of Hermetics. It reprograms the mind matrix, rewiring neural pathways for a new way of being that creates a resonance of collaboration and cooperation between people. Even if they are opposites and for those who are in the creative arts field, the program provides a bridge for easing the tension caused by opposing mindsets (left brain vs. right brain). Something to consider is that life does not happen “to” us, rather it happens “through” us. Therefore, we must take full responsibility for our choices and thinking, thus our actions are a direct result of the thoughts flowing through us. Being open to change, letting go of any resistance to where we feel pulled and adding an element of compassion towards others enables us to be a proactive creator.

Core Thinking is accessed through personal development and peeling away the layers of influence, the past and focusing on being present. Mindfulness training is key to listening, positive impact, inspiring certainty, and engagement.

How has Core Thinking impacted your clients? Can you share a few stories that illustrate the value of the process?

Clients who have taken my Core Thinking Blueprint Program experience profound shifts and changes in the way they think about themselves, their connection to others and how they engage in the world. They become empowered, with renewed strength in self and an eagerness to reach their highest potential. Another benefit has been the positive impact on others where they become viewed as a leader and someone to whom others can see as a role model.

Students in my Mindfulness Meditation class experience immediate real life shifts at work and at home creating a desire to become a better person, business owner, executive or manager. They begin to realize where the personal changes are being made that enables them to be more successful in decision making, leading, communicating and connecting with others.

Tricetan, who is in the Army, Sergeant First Class (SFC) and Resilience Program Manager, as a leader, and Resilience Trainer, is about to transition from the military to civilian life. He is working with me through the Core Thinking Blueprint Program (CTBP) as a tool for easing the change that is about to occur. As Tricetan works towards building the foundation for the business he plans to own as an executive level coach (he is part of the John Maxwell team), teacher and trainer, using his military discipline, cultivation, and development along with additional professional development, he is finding the CTBP to be a great asset. The four C’s (connect, cultivate, collaborate, communicate) under the Engagement section of the tool has been the most impactful for him, as it is a continuous reference he returns to while developing the skills and confidence for his future career.

Tricetan said of our work:

I started the Core Thinking Blueprint Program with feeling confused in my direction and unsure of where I will be post my military career. This program has been an excellent asset for my personal and professional growth. I now believe in myself, have the confidence to make concrete decisions, and can reinforce my desire to be of service to others. I am evolving at a fast pace and this program is assisting me through my ability to refer back to the wheel and choosing a section appropriate at the time for contemplation.

An ah, ha that sticks out for me is this thought….I don’t have to be perfect, I can be perfectly me.

As I progress through the program, I am able to see my own growth and give it back to the soldiers I lead in a genuine way. This has developed deeper connections and better communication along with a stronger team.  The Core Thinking Blueprint Program has enabled me to get back to my genuine self. My focus is sharper with measurable progress, definitive direction and an awareness of myself, having clearly defined goals, higher emotional intelligence and better able to consider my thinking, beliefs and perceptions.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to improve, enhance or gain better traction in both their personal and professional life.”

–Tricetan Wesley, Sergeant First Class, Entrepreneur


Peter Cook
Peter Cook
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