Content Marketing Trend In VoIP Reselling

Global marketing trends have been changing over time in all branches of business. Today in marketing – especially in digital – things like content marketing and webinars are considered to be the unavoidable factors of any serious business strategy. It is a great way for companies to present and effectively address their users. Nevertheless, things that have always been present and also remained crucial are:

  • Offering a service or product that will make life easier.
  • Being present everywhere at any time.
  • Connecting people who share the same interests.
  • Improving your business.

Nowadays, with the development and growing use of Internet communications, digital marketing has developed to the fullest extent. This kind of marketing is obligatory even in business activities that deal with communications.

Let’s imagine you own your private VoIP service company. Even today in the digital era, the customer’s phone call is still the most obvious sign that you will be able to complete a business deal. But the path to the phone call of a potential customer is not quite as simple as dialing a number.

Why would someone choose to give trust to your company?

Well, because you’re advertising, of course!

For that reason, you’ve probably put your phone number in every possible place. You have placed your add in newspapers, TV, on your website, billboards, or at any possible place you could. But such marketing campaigns often do not produce desired results.

Today, as it was before, a good recommendation can be of great importance. And where to find a better recommendation than on relevant websites full of quality content. Nowadays, more and more companies are relying on content marketing to expand their customer base and to better meet the needs of their clientele.

If you want to advertise your VoIP services so that more people can hear about you, you need to develop a good strategy for you content marketing.

Steps to follow in content marketing

Step 1: The content marketing strategy should be unique and customized for your business. So set your goals, and focus on the market group that best suits your business.

Step 2: Set up your target group and make it work for you. You can save yourself time by making your users create content for you – simply by writing their own experiences. Keep in mind that 85% of people believe in content written by other users.

Step 3: Use the benefits of video marketing. Everywhere you look (social media, websites, etc.) brands are sharing their videos to attract attention of their potential users.

Step 4: Use email marketing techniques. Although you may have heard that this kind of advertising is no longer a success, many of the relevant indicators tell us exactly the opposite.

Why do you need a content marketing strategy?

Every company should have a strategic plan for all its content usage. Companies that use content marketing techniques will benefit from a strategic road map that focuses exclusively on using content to attract, acquire, and engage potential customers.

The importance of targeting

Whether you’re thinking of offering a VoIP service or a product, you need to identify your target group before launching everything else. When choosing a target market, it is important to think about what your customer need. A good way to define that, might be surveying some of your audience members within your target market. After you finish this, another problem arises. How do you reach the rest of the target group after surveying a number of people? You can use some of these advices that can help your business grow:

  • To help boost your networks and help your business reach more people – create a referral system. When creating a referral system, make sure that, user would be tempted. If your offers are too low, your market will not find it valuable. That way it won’t motivate your potential customers.
  • Keep in touch with organizers of the local events that you can participate in. That can include seminars, webinars, conferences and conventions where your VoIP service company can rent a booth and showcase your product or service. Another way to get recognized is through hosting public speaking engagements in relation to your target group.
  • Contact bloggers and vloggers. This can be an affordable way to spread the word out, as you can offer a sample VoIP service product for free or with a minimal fee. Contacting these people who would do sponsored posts about your products will help you spread the news about your business.

It is not novelty that influencer marketing does not plan to leave the marketing throne. What more, it is now spreading all over the world without any limitations. Of course, with spreading of blogs, social networks and all other forms of online presence, influencer marketing gets a whole new dimension. Now influencers and bloggers have almost become the exclusives of many successful companies.

Take advantage of the video marketing

Add video to your VoIP marketing strategy. For example, you could create videos that fall into these categories:

  • Service or product demos
  • Customer references
  • Questions and answers
  • Video clips with tips and explanations

Production of high-quality videos does not require much money, because today you can create videos using only the Smartphone.

Use email marketing

Although you may have heard that e-mail marketing is no longer successful, this statement does not hold water. Only in USA more than 90 % of adults use email, with the average of checking email 15 times a day. You can send a series of emails that leads customers to your web page, or to register for a webinar, or to read a content offer, and let them show their interest in your VoIP services and company. And never forget to keep your contacts engaged.

All these things may seem as a novelty to someone who is accustomed to more conventional ways of advertising. But the fact is that marketing today has trends that certain businesses have to follow. Otherwise it will be overtaken by the competition.


Dan Miller
Dan Miller
DAN is a Payments officer with nearly ten years of experience in banking and international payments in the Australian banking sector. He has a masters degree in finance and banking. He is married and also a father of a beautiful little girl.

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