Content marketing and content for sales are both the practice of using content to draw closer to the buyer, but what’s the difference? Bernie Borges, CMO of Vengreso, explains in this short five-minute video. Content marketing is generally associated with brand awareness and the top of the funnel lead generation. Content for sales includes certain types of content that can be shared by sales representatives to start and continue conversations with prospects. It’s content that helps to build relationships and as Bernie says in the video, “People buy from people, not glass buildings.”

Buyers are most influenced by two factors. The first being recommendations from peers, and the second is content that informs and helps in making a purchase decision. Metrics relevant to content for sales look at the number of new sales conversations and contributions to the sales pipeline. Watch the video to hear more about what is content for sales and a few of Bernie’s sales tips for your content. [su_spacer]

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